Gordon Ramsay shares adorable picture with his lookalike son

Gordon Ramsay shares adorable picture with his lookalike son

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most renowned TV chefs and restauranteurs in the world. With an impressive 16 Michelin stars to his name, he sure is flying high in the world of fine dining. But while one aspect of his fame can definitely be attributed to his undeniable passion for food and the service industry in general, there's no denying that his "angry perfectionist" persona is hugely responsible for his international stardom.

To point out the obvious, he's not exactly the most diplomatic of people. His various TV shows, including the infamous Hell's Kitchen, centres around the successful chef reviewing food made by others - and by reviewing, I mean absolutely slating it with that colourful language of his.

But as with most television personalities, his private persona is a far cry from his public one.

Remember when Gordon Ramsay was called out for his 'inappropriate' behaviour with Sofia Vergara on Jay Leno:

From what we can tell, the father-of-five is a loving husband and dad, who cares deeply for his family and always wants the best for them.

You may be aware, in fact, that the 52-year-old and his wife Tana welcomed their youngest child, Oscar James Ramsay, this past April. Well, just this week, Ramsay shared two adorable photos of his baby son, who's the spitting image of his famous dad.

The first of two sweet pics Ramsay shared to his Instagram account, captioned "Haircuts Done! Ready to start the week!", shows the doting dad holding his rather expressionless yet adorable six-month-old.

In the second photo, however, cute baby Oscar is seen smiling from ear to ear, again looking very much like his daddy.

Celebrity hairstylist Melissa Brown, who also shared a snap of the infant, gave the father and son an almost identical haircut -  no wonder there's such a resemblance between the two!

How sweet!