Gwyneth Paltrow describes her relationship with Ben Affleck as a 'lesson'

Gwyneth Paltrow describes her relationship with Ben Affleck as a 'lesson'

Actress and bona fide health guru (cum eccentric), Gwyneth Paltrow, can't help but polarise. Whether she's "consciously uncoupling" from her husband of 10 years, Chris Martin, or deciding to name her children after a piece of fruit and a biblical figure, respectively, it seems like everything she does is designed to garner a reaction.

Now, the Oscar-winner has opened up about her exes, and revealed that she has no regrets when it comes to any of them. During an interview on The Howard Stern Show on Wednesday, Gwyneth spoke about her relationship with Ben Affleck, whom she dated on-and-off between 1997 and 2000.

Gwyneth, who is currently engaged to American television writer, director and producer, Brad Falchuk, discussed her relationship with fellow actor, and 00's heartthrob Ben Affleck on the Howard Stern show earlier this week.

Revealing that she now views their time together as a lesson, the 45-year-old stated, "I think there’s certain boyfriends where you are trying to work stuff out, right? Like, you’re trying to heal certain stuff from your childhood."

"He was very much a lesson in that way," she continued. "I’m not sure exactly what I was trying to heal in that instance, but it was... he was, ya know, it was specific."

The Shakespeare in Love actress cited being young and overly invested in physical appearances as a reason why she entered into a relationship with Ben. "When you're a kid, you tend to be more shallow and you're also immature, so you think that being with a good looking person validates yourself in some kind of way," she asserted. "It's not true."

Gwyneth then went on to describe how her parents felt about her then-boyfriend. "I think [my parents] appreciated how he's super intelligent and he's really, really talented and so funny, but he was not in a good place in his life to have a girlfriend."
Well then, it's apparent that Gwynnie has really learned a lot from her past life choices, and has evolved greatly. Now, she thinks that she's finally ready to settle down, and with the right man too: Brad Falchuk.

"I think that I would like to give it a proper shot...for myself," she said. "I think there's something really beautiful about marriage. I think Brad is someone who is really intelligent, he's very emotionally intelligent. I think he's a really good person to try this with."

During the interview, Gwyneth also disclosed that she and Falchuk aren't planning on having children together. "This is his second marriage … Neither of us wants more kids," she revealed. "We’re on the same team."

The actress shares two children with her ex-husband, Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin - son, Moses Bruce Anthony, 12, and daughter, Apple Blythe Alison, 14. Fulchuk has son, Brody, and daughter, Isabella, with his ex-wife Suzanne Bukinik, whom he was married to for 10 years, before divorcing in March of 2013.

Well, we wish Gwyneth the best of luck in the future - she's certainly been killing it so far!