Jason Momoa did the haka with his kids at the 'Aquaman' premiere and it's everything you need

Jason Momoa did the haka with his kids at the 'Aquaman' premiere and it's everything you need

Can you believe it's been over seven years since we last saw Khal Drogo? Despite the fact that many of us know Jason Momoa best as the leader of the Dothraki armies in Game of Thrones, he was only around for one season (give or take a vision or two), and wasn't in as many high-profile movies in the next few years.

That all changed when he was cast in Justice League as Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman. The character, even amongst the nerdiest of comic book nerds, was something of a joke for years - with his fish-talking powers and green underwear being an object of ridicule. But Momoa's version of the character was a little different, bringing an edge to the character that set him apart.

While he was simply one member of the team in that superhero team-up joint, he has his own fully-fledged solo movie which is hitting cinemas this week. While his character on Game of Thrones was stoic, brutal and serious, his real-life personality is far softer, and it looks like he's a complete showman at heart.

If that wasn't already clear from his hilarious appearance hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live! this month (a dream come true for the actor), he's brought out the big guns for his time on the red carpet. He's appeared on plenty of them before, but it was at the premiere for Aquaman that he brought out a ceremonial dance. Oh, and he whipped out his character's iconic trident while he was at it.

The premiere was held in Los Angeles on Wednesday, where Momoa was joined by various co-stars to introduce the film to the world. While there, it turned out they'd all planned something for the fans and cameras gathered there that night, as Momoa and several others broke out into a performance of the haka, a ceremonial dance in Māori culture.

He was was joined by his two children for the haka, in addition to various other castmembers and New Zealand’s Temuera Morrison, who also plays his father in the new film. Momoa is from Hawaii, but has often spoken about his love for New Zealand and its culture - wearing a Pounamu necklace, as his on-screen character does too.

While the Haka originates in New Zealand, it has made a home in Hawaiian culture in more recent years. The state's own version is called the Hawaiian ha'a, and clearly Momoa has had some practice:

Momoa isn't just turning heads on the red carpet. For years now, he's become one of the internet's favourites, from the time he Instagrammed a night out with the Game of Thrones cast, to the hilarious way he takes photos with fans.

With the new Aquaman sending his star status into the stratosphere, he's bound to be back in the news doing something fun and hilarious sometime soon.