Jennifer Lawrence texting Amy Schumer is every childless person not accepting their friends have babies

Jennifer Lawrence texting Amy Schumer is every childless person not accepting their friends have babies

Last month, Amy Schumer's life changed beyond recognition when she and her husband Chris Fischer welcomed their son Gene Attell Fischer into the world.

But while the I Feel Pretty actress' priorities may have shifted recently, being a parent hasn't in any way hindered her sense of humour.

Following the birth of her son, the 37-year-old first-time mom has wasted no time in hitting home the un-sugarcoated reality of motherhood - all for the amusement of her fans.

Check out the moment Amy Schumer opened up about her husband being on the Autism spectrum:

Just one week after the birth, in fact, the self-deprecating comedian was more than willing to make herself the butt of her own jokes. Yep, she posted a photo of herself clad in a hospital gown - worn out from having just given birth - while on the toilet and attached to an IV drip stand.

Captioning the pic: "Milf alert 1 o’clock," she impressed her 9 million Instagram followers with her refreshing and downright hilarious take on being a new mother.

But while Schumer's passion for making people laugh certainly hasn't suffered a blow after becoming a mother, that's not to say that certain aspects of her life haven't changed considerably.

Needless to say, taking care of a newborn doesn't exactly leave you with bags of spare time.

And when new parents aren't tending to their little one's every need, they're taking full advantage of any time that could be used for getting in a bit of shut-eye.

Unfortunately, this leaves parents with a lot less time for catching up with friends or keeping up with their favourite TV show - both of which Schumer was accused of doing by none other than her Hollywood bestie Jennifer Lawrence.

Schumer even posted a screenshot of a text message exchange between herself and the 28-year-old actress, proving Lawrence is basically every childless person who's struggling to accept that their friend has a baby.

text messages Credit: Amy Schumer

"You up," Lawrence asks Schumer. "I have questions about handmaids take. Tale. It’s an emergency."

"Amy!!! What did she do on season 1 to deserve being in the gallows on season 2?"

In spite of the clear, erm, urgency of the situation, Lawrence received no response from Schumer - which is precisely when she begins to lose her cool.

"I can’t remember where I left off. Are you asleep bc of the baby??? Are you asleep before 11? Is this bc of the baby? Don’t make me resent the baby. Wow, Ur really asleep before 11. I’ll be damned."

And then, lo and behold, Schumer eventually responds, writing: "Hi! I'm awake!" before revealing that the character Lawrence was referring to had "ran away."

"Everybody keeping their cool about me having a baby," writes over the screenshot.

The thing is, Lawrence should already have been aware of her pal's little dilemma with The Handmaid's Tale.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the comedy actress shared a photo of her cradling her newborn with the caption: "Oh ok so I can’t watch handmaids anymore."

As difficult as it might be to accept, you sort of have to prioritise your newfound nurturing duties over your hobbies if you want to succeed at the whole parenting thing.