Jessie James Decker reveals stunning post-baby bikini body

Jessie James Decker reveals stunning post-baby bikini body

Jessie James Decker, country singer and mother-of-three, somehow manages to look absolutely stunning, even as she finely balances being a music star, mother and wife to a successful athlete. How does she do it?

Decker, of course, gave birth to her third kid Forrest on March 31 of last year, but not even a full 12 months later, she's back in her bikini. She was on a trip to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico - which looks quite fun, to be honest - with her husband and former NFL player Eric Decker.

Also in attendance were Rob Gronkowski, fresh off his Super Bowl win with the New England Patriots, and former Bachelor Shawn Booth, and with everyone looking beautiful in swimwear, I'm getting some serious FOMO. But let's play a game for a second. It's called 'Spot the Mother of Three'.

Give up? Here's a clue. Jenna's the one in the fluorescent yellow bikini, matching with her husband Eric:

Eric Decker and Jessie James Decker Credit: Instagram

Fans are blown away, understandably, by JJD's post-baby bod. "Seriously? She gets to have a hot bod like this after 3 kids? I'm done. Not fair," says @maricarr18, while @allli_sun said something pretty similar: "how the f is this women [sic] real????????? She’s had three babies in the same time that I’ve lost like 3 pounds."

As amazing as she looks, you can bet your bottom dollar that a lot of hard work was involved in making her mum bod a reality. Speaking to Us Weekly, JJD explained that she'd adopted the South Beach Diet (where you start on low carbs, and slowly build your way up over the course of a few weeks), and Decker says she's even starting to incorporate it into her home cooking:

"It's not necessarily that you have to only eat these meals that deliver to your house. I'm learning the proportions, and I'm learning what I can and cannot eat. So I might have South Beach for breakfast and lunch, but for dinner, I'm gonna make something for my family that we all can eat."

"I think a lot of women obsess with the word 'skinny.' And if that’s your goal, that’s fine," the 30-year-old explained, saying she wants a little bit of meat on her bones. "For me, I feel good being healthy and feeling fit. I prefer to have a little extra meat on my bones and muscle tone so that I have the strength to pick up and play with my kids."

Those kids - Vivianne, four, and three-year-old Eric - have parents in perfect physical condition, and if Jessie James Decker wants to have another kid to add to the family, then you can expect her to be posting pictures of her body just as liberally as she is now.