John Cena makes bizarre admission about his father during interview for new movie 'Bumblebee'

John Cena makes bizarre admission about his father during interview for new movie 'Bumblebee'

How much does John Cena love children's toys from the 90s?

You have no idea!

The professional wrestler's knowledge of Stretch Armstrongs, Care Bears and Crocodile Dentist was recently put to the test in an exclusive VT interview for his new film Bumblebee.

Challenged with guessing the names of toys from the beloved era of fanny packs, gel pens and butterfly hair clips, the 41-year-old adored the game, reigning victorious over co-star Hailee Steinfeld, who was asked about playthings from the 1980s.

However, while John's expertise was fairly startling, it was the bizarre admission that he made about his father that perhaps caught people's attention the most.

John Cena and Hailee Steinfeld Credit: VT

When a Furby was placed in front of him, the WWE star knew immediately what the toy was, naming it with a missing a single beat.

Asked if he ever owned a Furby, John played coy about his childhood selection of toys, jokingly telling his interviewer: "I'm... I... Listen, I know what it is, okay? I'm not going to confirm what I own and what I don't own."

He continued: "My father has a vast collection of Furbies. It's quite striking. But they're all lined up, some in the packaging, some not in the packaging. It's weird... I always wondered, why does he have those?"

"Okay... nice," his 22-year-old co-star replied, seemingly confused as the rest of us.

Pausing for a second, John then awkwardly asked: "Are they still rolling?"

 Hailee Steinfeld Credit: VT

Whether John Cena Sr.'s Furby collection is actually real remains to be seen, but we can all agree that growing up with dozens of those robotic owl-like toys staring at you would be pretty strange.

The rest of the amusing interview saw John and Hailee get competitive, as she claimed the game was too easy for the wrestler and he argued that he didn't know one of the toys because it was specifically British.

In case you didn't know already: John Cena plays to win.

In addition, the Trainwreck actor let slip that Madballs "defined" his childhood, loving the toy so much, he ended up taking it home.

Watch the full interview on VT here:

Bumblebee, the sixth installment of the live-action Transformers film series, is released in movie theatres on 26 December 2018.