Kaley Cuoco has been hospitalised on her 'honeymoon'

Kaley Cuoco has been hospitalised on her 'honeymoon'

It's a fact that no vacation you ever take in your life will be as special and romantic as your honeymoon. It's a time for you to finally kick back and relax with your spouse after all the months of planning and stress over your wedding. Unfortunately, your honeymoon is just like any old holiday, in that things still have the potential to go dreadfully wrong. Maybe your flight is delayed for more than 20 hours. Maybe you end up caught in a hurricane while abroad. Maybe you lose all your luggage. Who knows? When it comes to travelling, disaster can always strike, and it doesn't make allowances for nuptials.

One person who has managed to tie the knot with her fiancé is Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco, who married equestrian Karl Cook (son of billionaire Scott Cook) in a lavish ceremony on June 30 at a private estate in San Diego. However, instead of jetting off on a trip to a sun-kissed beach or white snow slope, poor Kaley has ended up in hospital instead, and if Karl's Instagram account is to believed, she's looking like she's been through the wars.

Karl took a selfie with Kaley from the actress's bedside, in which he appears to be grinning widely while Kaley herself frowns. The photo was captioned: "When your ‘honeymoon’ is shoulder surgery and your husband looks just as happy lol on the road to recovery – thank you for all the love and support! Knowing @mrtankcook I’m sure he will be posting tons of hilarious gems. Thank god my hair colour is on point."

Kaley hasn't yet revealed what's caused her unfortunate injury, but since her hubby is having such fun teasing here, it's likely that the surgery isn't serious or life-changing. Later Karl posted another snap, captioned: "Everyone has their own version of a newlywed glow... yours is memorable."

Cuoco was previously married to professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting, but the couple divorced after two years of marriage, with the proceedings finalised in 2016. In an emotional interview with Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show, Kaley admitted that the breakup had taken a toll on her, stating: "Yes, I’m getting divorced. You know, last year was very bizarre and we all go through really weird ups and downs.And sometimes I’m a little bit more seen. And everyone goes through that stuff… You know, so I already feel like 2016 is going to be a much better year than 2015. And you know, it’s been rough, but things are going good. I’m much, much better now. I’m in a much much better place than I was."

Hopefully she'll be out and about once her surgery is completed, and can maybe look forward to taking that long-deserved break she so desperately needs. To Kaley and Karl: we wish you all the very best in years to come. Make your future together a happy one!