Kanye West 'eating his earwax' has people seriously grossed out

Kanye West 'eating his earwax' has people seriously grossed out

A video of Kanye West appearing to eat his own earwax at one of his famous Sunday Services has divided Twitter users around the world since it was posted on the site by user @j0rgecastr0. The clip has now amassed 3.62 million views as people try their best to determine once and for all - could Kanye West really be capable of such an inexcusable gesture?

The alleged earwax eating occurred over the US's Labor Day Weekend, part of which he spent at his always-lively and much-talked-about Sunday Service.

Check out the moment Kanye West supposedly eats his own earwax:

In the video, West is seen clapping and cheering, before the camera zooms in on his head. The father-of-four then uses his index finger to dig into his right ear and immediately after, puts the same finger in his mouth.

Check out this pro-Trump speech Kanye West gave to an SNL audience:

"So I didn't even notice but I got a video of Kanye West eating his earwax," the user captioned the now-viral video, which immediately attracted thousands of comments.

"The genius lives in his earwax and he is now vulnerable w his secret out like this," wrote one user.

"Didn’t he used to have earrings? Don’t tell me that’s the dried up crust from his earring holes," another added.

"Everybody loves the smell of their own brand," wrote a third.

kanye west Credit: @j0rgecastr0/Twitter

Others remained convinced that it was all completely innocent.

"I think he picked his ear and the pulled something off of his lip tho lol I don’t think he ate the ear wax he didn’t even grab wax he grabbed his ear lobe lol Twitter tryna drag this man through the mud," one wrote.

Another agreed: "He didn’t even dig in his ear he scratched his earlobe and took gum out his mouth."

Kanye West allegedly eating his earwax isn't the only thing people have picked up on in his Sunday Services.

Remember when his eldest daughter North showed off her impressive dance moves at a Sunday Service earlier this year:

Oh Kanye!