Kanye West explains why he wore slides too small for his feet to 2 Chainz' wedding

Kanye West explains why he wore slides too small for his feet to 2 Chainz' wedding

Kanye West is a man of many talents: music production, fashion design and pulling outrageous stunts that capture the world's attention. From his inexplicable support of Donald Trump to his confession he wants to 'smash' his four sister-in-laws, he sure knows how to get people talking. But as long as the music's good, his fans let anything slide.

Speaking of  'slide,' the 40-year-old rapper attended 2 Chainz' wedding, and caught some flack for his slides. In the photos, Yeezy is arm in arm with his wife, curvy reality star Kim Kardashian. She's scantily clad in a form-fitting neon lime dress, but all eyes were on Kanye's baffling kicks: He wore socks with sandals - Yeezy velcro slides - that appeared to be way too small for his feet.

On social media, people roasted Kanye for his fashion faux pas. He's attending a wedding for one of the most popular rappers in the world, and he's dressed like he's helping his mom with the groceries on a lazy Sunday afternoon. "Come to my wedding in a pair of slides and you can slide the f*ck back home," chided one Twitter user.

On Instagram Stories, Kim even got in on the roast. "The real question is, do those fit?" she asks, giggling and zooming in on his footwear. "That's what everyone wants to know. What size are those?" (Thankfully, The Shade Room captured this important interaction for posterity.)

At 7Am Tuesday morning, Kanye finally addressed Slidegate. He began by sharing a meme T-shirt, with features a design poking fun at the slides. "Diet Prada," he joked in the caption, with three crying emojis and three flame emojis.

Then Yeezy offered an explanation: He said he was wearing slides "the Japanese way." According to the attached diagrams, the straps should fit snug, but not too tight between the toes, to prevent blisters. Also, the heel should extend one to two centimeters off the back of the sole, to promote better balance. Are you going to doubt the Japanese? They invented karaoke, DVD's and rice cookers!

However, some Twitter users were confused by Kanye's explanation. One, his slides don't have a strap between the toes like flip-flops. Two, his heel extends beyond the sole of the heel way more than a couple centimeters. And three, who the hell wakes up thinking about this stuff at 7AM, two weeks past the incident? Don't geniuses have better things to do?

Also, this doesn't explain the ultimate fashion sin, wearing socks with sandals. But you know what? This doesn't rank too highly on the long, long list of ridiculous Kanye moments. There was that time he said slavery was a choice and that time he discussed his favorite porn categories on national television... Maybe we should let this slide.