Kate Beckinsale shares video showing off incredible flexibility

Kate Beckinsale shares video showing off incredible flexibility

Kate Beckinsale has shared a video showing off her incredible flexibility on Instagram.

Better known as the star of Underworld, the actress was consistently compared to Gumby after fans saw her stretching with her personal trainer Brad Siskind, with one saying that the 46-year-old could "give Gumby a run for his money!"

Admittedly, getting compared to a super flexible cartoon character isn't everyone's idea of a compliment, but when you see the video, it's safe to say that Beckinsale has the flexibility of a woman half her age, if not younger.

This is the video that's got people on Instagram talking: 

Selma Blair commented "Wowza." But Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn couldn't help but jump on the Gumby comparison train too.

Hilariously, a fan asked Beckinsale if she'd any fears about farting because she was truly contorting her body and she simply replied: "Mum?"

It's also worth noting that the stretching video didn't just attract a lot of comments, it also garnered an impressive number of views and has 1.5 million at the time of writing.

Kate Beckinsale in a silver dress. Credit: PA Images

Some people in the comments section even speculated about whether or not Beckinsale's leg was real because it was just *that* flexible, and it inspired others to up their game in the exercise department with jewelry designer Markus Molinari, writing, "I'm not doing enough."

But this video is far from the only gem to grace the star's Instagram. Whether it's sexy selfies, or posts showcasing her brilliant sense of humor, there's a lot there to marvel at:

Meanwhile, in other Kate Beckinsale news, earlier this year, the actress opened up about what it was like dating Pete Davidson. It didn't happen to last, but it's clear from the above why the 25-year-old was attracted to her!