Kelly Rowland posts makeup free selfie and she looks absolutely stunning

Kelly Rowland posts makeup free selfie and she looks absolutely stunning

To quote Zoolander, celebrities are really, really, really ridiculously good looking. Whether they're on the big screen, performing a concert or strutting the red carpet, they always have to look their best. Well, they don't have to, but if they don't, Twitter trolls will call them old and fat. And that's kind of a bummer.

So, we're used to seeing stars with impeccable makeup. As we admire their beauty, we can't help but wonder, would they still be so attractive without all those powders and paints? After all, we've seen people pull off stunning transformations with makeup. This cosplayer uses makeup to perfectly recreate a variety movie characters. And this beauty guru uses makeup to help clients hide burns, scars and acne.

On social media, many celebrities have posted makeup free selfies to show the world what they look like underneath all the glitz and glamour. By showing their "real" face, they help take a stand against setting unattainable beauty standards. And also they might be trolling for compliments. Recently Christina Aguilera did a makeup free photoshoot, and her followers were blown away. The barefaced singer looked unrecognizable, but gorgeous, revealing adorable freckles.

Kelly Rowland is the latest star to post a makeup free picture. I know Kelly best as Kia from the classic 2003 slasher film Freddie vs. Jason. But you probably know her best from her work with Destiny's Child, one of the best selling girl groups of all time. Last April, Kelly, Michelle Williams and Beyoncé reunited at the Coachella Music Festival, proving they were still as bootylicious as ever.

On Instagram Stories, Kelly shared a photo of herself from the early morning, lying in bed in her pajamas. When I wake up in the morning I feel like a hideous swamp monster, and would never post a selfie. In fact, I look so bad, if I tried to take a picture, the screen on my phone would crack. However, Kelly Rowland has so much problem. She "just woke up like this," and looks stunning. She wrote on the picture, "Washed, moisturized, and not filtered. I'm on my @gabubion." That's a nod to actress Gabrielle Union, who's also known for posting makeup free selfies.

The isn't the first time the singer has went makeup-free. Over the years, she's posted barefaced photos and videos on social media. In fact, in 2013, she was featured in People magazine's Most Beautiful People, as part of their Not a Drop of Makeup campaign. "I started wearing makeup at 14 for Destiny’s Child," Kelly told People. "I remember the first time I saw my lashes with mascara on them – it was my favorite thing. For me, makeup reminds me of work. Without it, I feel natural and untouched."

Well, Kelly Rowland looks great, makeup or no makeup. And we all probably look a lot better natural than we think.