Kendall Jenner blasted over 'cruel' dog collar

Kendall Jenner blasted over 'cruel' dog collar

Kendall Jenner has been criticized online for her choice of dog collar.

Recent pictures show the model walking her dog, who can be seen wearing what appears to be a negative reinforcement collar. Jenner first shared pictures of her dog, a Doberman named Pyro, in May of 2018. And now she has been condemned for using "cruel" techniques to raise the animal, including prong and shock collars.

RSPCA UK states that these types of training tools should be prohibited "not only because of the risks they pose to dog welfare but because they have great potential to cause abuse or to be misused."

Per the charity;

"Pinch collars are based on the principle of applying something painful or frightening to stop an undesirable behaviour - very simply, when a dog pulls on the lead, the prongs of the collar close around the neck which can cause pain or discomfort which reduces the chance of the dog pulling on the lead again. Research has shown that aversive training techniques, like pinch collars, can cause pain and distress and can compromise dog welfare."

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"I have never once seen or heard of a dog trainer recommending these, just use a harness? Just as effective and it doesn’t hurt the dog? Bruh?" wrote one Twitter user in response.

Another corroborated "This is actually a myth. I’ve been a behaviorist for 5 years & I have trained every single dog to walk politely on a harness whether they were 6 pounds or 160 pounds. That is the safest equipment for walking. Prong collars cause pain/discomfort & that’s why they sometimes work."

"Kendall Jenner is just gross. Cutting your dogs tail, sticking rods in its ears, training it with devices that cause pain. All so she can get a cool pic for her Instagram, not to mention she’s had about 5 different dogs. Whatever looks aesthetically good with her feed. Gross," added a third. 

Other Twitter users have jumped to Kendall's defense, saying that sometimes the collars are necessary:

Twitter user Grace Victoria even stated that the collar is not even a prong collar, it just looks like one: "That is not a prong collar. It's just a collar that happens to have a similar pattern. Not a fan of the Kardashians but even I know kendall is the biggest animal lover out of them all, stop the trolllling. [sic]"