Kim Kardashian breaks her silence on the rumour that she hooked up with Drake

Kim Kardashian breaks her silence on the rumour that she hooked up with Drake

Over the years, there have been many a wild rumour about Kim Kardashian, however, the end of August saw perhaps the juiciest one yet. Fans went wild when a Twitter user alleged that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star had slept with Canadian rapper Drake. Not only that, the tweet - which quickly went viral, with almost 150,000 likes - claimed that Drake had told us all this piece of information a long time ago and we just "hadn't been listening".

But rather than being simply another internet rumour that could easily be batted away, this Twitter user had receipts. Whether they were truly trustworthy receipts was up for debate, but it's certainly true that many people took Twitter user Tyler Morrison's posts as cold, hard evidence that Kim K and the Scorpion artist had indulged in a little hanky panky, citing Drake's song lyrics, Kim's nickname, Kanye's apparent leaking of the news of Drake's son as proof, among other things.

So, did it really happen? Not according to Kim anyway. After days of silence, the 37-year-old reality TV star has finally spoken out about the rumours for the first time with a comment on an Instagram post. Writing in The Shade Room's Instagram comment section, the mother-of-three fired back, simply putting: "Never happened. End of Story". In addition, TMZ also reported that Kim and Drake have never had a "personal friendship or relationship".

However, despite their denials, many people online still remain highly suspicious, with many tweeting that they completely and utterly bought the controversial conspiracy theory.

In case you haven't gotten round to reading up about it, let us catch you up; the initial theory from Tyler Morrison lasts for an extensive 22 tweets, but allow us to give you the basics.

Tyler's theory was started when his friend referred him to Drake's song lyrics. His suspicions were founded on the fact that the mysterious 'Kiki' in In My Feelings shares Kim's nickname given to her by her sisters. In addition, it is the name of her liquid lipstick.

Secondly, according to the Twitter thread, Drake and Kanye West hung out in Wyoming together in March 2018, where Drake played Kim's 41-year-old husband his song March 14 before it was released. In the lyrics, the Canadian rapper references his son, who no one knew about at the time. Afterwards, Kanye allegedly told Pusha T - the president of his record label - about the child and Pusha T decided to 'out' Drake with a diss track.

So, why did Drake just lie down and take this? Why didn't he drop a track dissing Kanye back? The Twitter thread uses song lyrics from Drake to suggest he most definitely had something on Kanye, but chose not to use it. In addition, in response to a question about why Drake didn't drop a diss track back, Drake's producer J Prince said it "would've been very bad for Kanye", claiming it "would've hurt families".

"I saw this going to a place that I feel would have ended [Kanye's] career if Drake would’ve put out this song that he had on him. And definitely would’ve hurt families, and we’re not in it for that. That’s not Drake’s character to tear a man down to that extent," he said. Does this suggest an affair went down? Many people certainly think so.

Tyler's other tweets carefully build his case with extra details, pointing out that Kim and Drake live close to one another and Drake writes of creeping "down the block", the fact that the Take Care rapper has a good relationship with the rest of the Kardashians and the fact that the pair had matching Instagram captions a while ago.

So, Kim K has refuted the scandalous internet rumour, but are you buying her denial?