Kim Kardashian is being blasted by the the internet for cultural appropriation over new photos

Kim Kardashian is being blasted by the the internet for cultural appropriation over new photos

Another day, another Kardashian scandal, eh? By this point, it seems that the American reality TV family are practically professionals in controversy - and they play the role perfectly, appearing once or twice (or three, or four times...) a week to vex us all.

So, what outage has America's number one most watched family spurred this time? Unsurprisingly, Kim Kardashian is back in the firing line after wearing her hair in braids at the 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards on Saturday.

Walking the red carpet with her mother, Kris Jenner, the 37-year-old caused a stir and was blasted by people on social media who accused her of cultural appropriation.

Underneath a video she uploaded to Twitter to show her new hair off were numerous angry comments that called her out for adopting the elements of a culture that isn't hers.

"it’s not cute to appropriate my culture. your privilege is really showing," wrote Twitter user @deactivate_me.

Fellow Twitter user @callme_kenzee joined her in critiquing the reality TV star's decision to wear her hair in braids, writing: "Because like we KEEP SAYING black girls can’t wear this hairstyle without being stereotyped or humiliated for it. It’s seen as ghetto and unprofessional on us  but since Kim is trying to rock it , its 'fashion'".

Bizarrely, some people on social media even accused her of trying to steal the spotlight from Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who dropped a surprise new album named Everything Is Love at the weekend.

It's certainly not the first time that the reality TV star has caused a stir with her braided hair. The controversy on Saturday served as a painful reminder for many of the time that she debuted the hairstyle on her Snapchat story back in January.

Describing her braided hairstyle as "Bo Derek braids", the star was heavily criticised by users online for crediting her cornrows to a white woman when they originally came from Africa.

“Denying that colour exists is denying the history of events that led to where we are today,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Race is an issue. Acknowledge it, and be equitable. Whites shouldn’t enable systems of oppression simply because the topic of race makes them uncomfortable."

However, infamously, Kim was unconcerned by the outrage, later posting a photo of herself as Bo West, reclining on a hotel bed and holding a phone to her ear. The caption read: “Hi, can I get zero f*cks please, thanks".

She isn't alone in her nonchalant attitude to accusations of cultural appropriation. After wearing the braids to the 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards, she was defended by fans online, who insisted that Kim should be able to wear any hairstyle she liked.

"Idc about a thread honestly," wrote Instagram user @Chromatics1313. "Let the woman wear what she wants. End of story. It's a hair style. Let's focus more on black on black crime in our neighborhoods"

"Lmao... Yeah.. Ummm.. Okay.... Don't be mad because Kim slays everything she does!" added user @DaniellexStone.

So, do you approve of Kim's braids? You probably won't be shocked to hear that it's not the first time that star caused controversy this week. She was in trouble yet again a few days again when she straightened her daughter's hair for her fifth birthday...