Leaked emails claim that Meghan Markle boasted about giving friends weed at first wedding

Leaked emails claim that Meghan Markle boasted about giving friends weed at first wedding

Meghan Markle has managed, in general, to endear herself to the British public, and to the royal family at large. However, now a shocking series of e-mails allegedly leaked to British tabloid newspaper The Sun are claiming that Meghan might not be as squeaky-clean as we all assumed and that she actually boasted about handing out free marijuana to her guests and friends at her first wedding to Trevor Engelson in 2011.

According to a guest who attended the wedding, who isn't named in The Sun's article, Meghan put the cannabis inside small muslin bags, and even helped guests at the wedding roll joints and inserted filter tips before placing them in the party bags. Markle and Engleson apparently purchased the marijuana through a hotel staffer, at the hotel in Jamaica where the reception was held. The emails seem to corroborate earlier statements made by Meghan's father Thomas Markle, who has also claimed that drugs were available at the wedding.

The mystery guest stated: "It didn’t seem like it was really her thing. Trevor and his friends definitely had more experience with it ... It almost looked like she didn’t know how to smoke. It is not something that was very much ‘her’, but it was part of the theme and the couple were very excited to have this surprise gift for the guests. It was a destination wedding in Jamaica, so they thought it would be appropriate and cool to supply this. She thought it would make it memorable.

They added: "She was excited about making that a thing, showing a cheeky side people wouldn’t have imagined she had, especially at her wedding ... It wasn’t great quality, I heard he didn’t pay much more than $100 for a couple of bags, but it didn’t really matter. There was enough to roll all the joints in the goodie bags and have plenty of left-overs to pass around as and when needed over the weekend. I’m told it took hours to roll them up. People were surprised, but no-one seemed to be against it, it went down really well."

Commenting on the revelation, royal expert Ingrid Seward stated: "The Queen may be a bit disappointed by this, but she is a very pragmatic woman, and will be well aware that Meghan has had a life before joining the Royal Family. This will no doubt cause some tut-tutting among certain elements, but we mustn’t forget that Meghan lived quite a full life before meeting Harry. Back then she was a normal LA girl, living an LA lifestyle where everyone probably smoked cannabis. This is a fascinating insight into Meghan’s previous life, and I’m sure there will be more."

Thus far, neither Meghan Markle or Buckingham Palace has made any kind of formal reply to the allegations made by the newspaper. Only time will tell whether this issue is worthy of a response.