Lil Nas X did a surprise performance at an elementary school and it was wild

Lil Nas X did a surprise performance at an elementary school and it was wild

Rapper Lil Nas X showed up to perform at an elementary school, and you can be sure those young'uns had the absolute time of their lives.

It all started from a hopeful tweet, out in Mayland Heights in Ohio. There, principal at Lander Elementary Felecia Evans put out a video on her Twitter page of her children dancing to a song from the rapper following a talent show, tagging him in the adorable video of the kids going wild.

Here's a video of that tweet to Lil Nas X from Evans:

It was the kind of video that famous figures receive on a regular basis, but Lil Nas X surprised everyone by replying to the tweet, asking when the school wanted to have a free show. Evans sent him a direct message to find out of he was serious; he was. It was then that the two began to exchange information for Lil Nas X to show up at Lander Elementary.

"It was completely a secret," said Evans to Buzzfeed News, revealing she'd gone as far as to mislead local news outlets to keep rumours at bay.

"The day before, the media had contacted me and I said, 'Unfortunately, we’re not going to make it work,'" she revealed. Even her own staff were mostly in the dark, with Evans only talking to a select few, as well as members of local police. Finally, the big day came, and right after a magic show, the big moment came.

"I have one more magic show for you. Do you want to see it?" Evans said to the kids, as Lil Nas X emerged. "The kids just lost it," said Evans. "It was incredible."

Complex had followed Lil Nas X all the way to Ohio, and were there to capture the unforgettable moment on camera. The footage was both hilarious and moving, and the 20-year-old rapper even took the time to talk with the children afterwards. They remembered all the words, and I'm sure it was a moment they'll never forget.