Lizzo hilariously reveals the contents of her famously tiny bags

Lizzo hilariously reveals the contents of her famously tiny bags

Lizzo may have a larger-than-life personality both on and off stage, but she has recently become known for rocking the smallest purses.

From her minuscule vintage Louis Vuitton pochette bag to the teeny-tiny Valentino bag she rocked on the red carpet of the AMAs, the 'Truth Hurts' singer is often snapped carrying a purse that couldn't hold more than a few breadcrumbs.

In fact, when Lizzo was asked about the contents of her Valentino bag at the AMAs, she told PopSugar: "Oh I’ve got tampons in here, a flask of tequila, condoms…"

And as expected, the inch-sized accessory was adored by viewers, quickly becoming the most popular meme of the evening:

Now, the 31-year-old star has finally revealed what she carries inside her tiny purses after posting a hilarious tongue-in-cheek video on Instagram. Lizzo captioned the clip to her 7.4 million followers: "YALL WANNA KNOW WHATS IN MY TINY BAG BITCH?"

Check out Lizzo's hilarious video below:

This time around, Lizzo's purse of choice comes courtesy of the French design label Jacquemus, who are famous for their micro creations.

The clip, posted yesterday, has already been viewed over 2.7 million times on Instagram alone, and received over 18,000 comments from delighted followers who branded the Lizzo as "iconic" and "the Mary Poppins we need".

Lizzo has become known for making bold statements via her social media accounts.

Back in December, the singer posted a series of revealing posts of her totally starkers - captioning one of the raunchy images by paraphrasing Kate Winslet's iconic line from Titanic: "Paint me like ya French b**ch".

Lizzo oozes body confidence in the video below:

Naturally, Lizzo's dedicated following adored the posts, with one delighted commenter, rayleighsetter, commenting: "I love how you’re so confident in your body I wish I could be like you, you’re such an inspiration."

Instagram user jeremykost typed: "There are no words to describe how next level this is! Thank you for being unapologetic and unafraid. The world needs more Lizzo!!!"

Many other users simply hailed Lizzo as being "iconic" and 'inspirational" - statements that we just cannot argue with.