Logan Paul floors opponent with huge right hand, causing KSI to accept rematch

Logan Paul floors opponent with huge right hand, causing KSI to accept rematch

In August of last year, the world bore witness to a boxing match nobody had asked for, but one we all still kinda wanted to see anyway.

YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul finally put their egos and reputations on the line - and in a heated match where most of the audience wanted to see both participants get knocked out simultaneously, they were both declared victorious in a draw.

At the event's close, the pair announced that they will have a rematch, with KSI declaring he "didn't care where it was".

In fact, following the bout, both men tweeted out respectively, each one stating how they believed they should have been declared the sole victor:

But now it seems like this rematch is finally going to happen, as Logan Paul shared a video to his Instagram account yesterday, showing him sparring with several opponents, baiting KSI in the caption.

In fact, Paul knocked one opponent to the ground with a very stiff looking right:

Logan shared the footage with the caption: "I'm a jokes guy but don't sleep on the bad mothaf***a inside me... here's some unreleased sparring footage from last August i got a nasty hunger to damage the next man who's got big enough balls to step in the ring with me... KSI is doing everything he can to dodge this fight & tbh i don't blame him. im collecting skulls this winter ill even fight you @jakepaul, idgaf [sic]"

That's right, Logan even called out his brother, Jake Paul, for a fight. Man is mad on power.

However, it was KSI's heated response to the video that has got people talking. KSI commented on the post, saying: "I'm not dodging you. I'm fighting you. Case closed. You ain't gonna be able to hold onto me for dear life this time. Trust me."

No matter what you think of their boxing skills, these two sure know how to entertain.