Macaulay Culkin had no idea why his brother was at the Golden Globes and it's hilarious

Macaulay Culkin had no idea why his brother was at the Golden Globes and it's hilarious

If you and your sibling live apart from one another, then sometimes it can be pretty tough keeping up with their various comings and goings. Take me and my sister for example. I live in London, and she travels all around south-east Asia. She's on another continent, in a different time zone, and as a result, I often don't know what she's been up to until several days after the fact. It can often be pretty frustrating, and a lot of the time the other members of my family know much more about her movements than I do.

Even so, I think that if she was invited to some kind of glitzy red carpet event, like the Golden Globes for example, then I'd probably know about it somehow. It wouldn't be like I was just casually perusing social media, only to discover her in the pictures of the awards show when someone else had pointed her out to me. However, that's exactly what appeared to happen to Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin this week, after he realised that his brother Keiren Culkin was in attendance.

Last night, Macaulay took to social media to express his surprise in the form of a tweet that his younger brother Keiren had been nominated for his role in the HBO drama Succession (created by Peep Show alum Jesse Armstrong). Culkin wrote: "HOLY S— KIERAN IS NOMINATED??? WHAT IS SUCCESSION?! [sic]"  before adding: "Man, I should really answer his calls more often. Thanksgiving is going to be really awkward this year." He later claimed that: "If y’all voted for me to change my name to Kieran I’d be at the Golden Globes right now. Just saying. [sic]"

Fans on social media seemed to be pretty bowled over by Culkin's tweets. One person wrote: "Go Kieran. Well done that’s so amazing. Must be a proud brother." Some people seemed to feel pretty bummed that the two Culkin brothers aren't communicating more openly, with one person tweeting: "Don't wait until Thanksgiving! That's like a year away. Call six months from now. That's an acceptable timeline for calling siblings."

For those of you who have never heard of the show before, Succession follows the story of the Roy family, a dysfunctional group of relatives who own a global media empire. After the family's patriarch retires, the cast is forced to vie for control of the vast estate and make plans for who will bear his legacy after his death. There have so far been 10 episodes, and the other cast members include Hiam Abbass, Nicholas Braun, Brian Cox, Peter Friedman, Natalie Gold, Matthew Macfadyen.

To be fair, Macaulay has been showing up in all kinds of weird stuff lately; making an appearance in a Red Letter Media video with Mike Stoklasa and Jay Bauman, as well as an Angry Video Game Nerd video alongside Mike Matei and James Rolfe.