Mark Hamill wants Carrie Fisher to take Donald Trump's star on the Walk of Fame

Mark Hamill wants Carrie Fisher to take Donald Trump's star on the Walk of Fame

Star Wars actor Mark Hamill wants his late co-star Carrie Fisher to take Donald Trump's place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

West Hollywood council is seriously considering removing the president's star - moving to approve a proposal looking to do just that - and Mark Hamill has the perfect candidate to replace him.

"Good riddance! (and I know just who should replace him...) #AStarForCarrie," Hamill wrote on Twitter in response to the news that Trump's star was getting replaced, and #AStarForCarrie was soon trending all over Twitter as plenty of Star Wars fans seemed to agree.

"Never understood why #DumpTrump had a star in the first place!! He has had a few cameos, as himself, and nowhere near displaying star status!! 😖 #AStarForCarrie," wrote Elizabeth McRoberts (@Gisen27), and Trespassers William (@TheAmazingMcWil) added: "I can think of no one more deserving than one of the stars of Hollywood’s First Franchise and one of its all time best script doctors. She was a gift. #AStarForCarrie."

Donald Trump has had his star on the Walk of Fame since the height of his Apprentice fame in 2007, paying around $30,000 for the honour. However, since the outset of his presidency the star has been the subject of vandalism. It's been smashed with a sledgehammer, covered with wooden bars to resemble a prison, and at some point, someone erected a golden toilet over it.

But while it remains to be seen whether the Los Angeles City Council and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce will remove the star, what's for certain is that it might take a while for Carrie Fisher to replace him. If she was still alive, it would be as simple as Fisher writing a letter confirming she wanted to be on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Carrie Fisher Credit: Getty

Posthumous stars, on the other hand, are only given out after the fifth anniversary of the celebrity's passing, with written consent from their surviving family members - and only one posthumous star can be nominated per year.

All the same, once 2021 rolls around, Carrie Fisher may have her time on the Walk of Fame yet.