Matthew McConaughey reveals how Snoop Dogg 'tricked him into getting high'

Matthew McConaughey reveals how Snoop Dogg 'tricked him into getting high'

Every child at some point has lied to their parents. I vaguely recall one particularly foggy memory when my mum first realised in earnest that I'd been out drinking. Floppier than a rag doll, I sat slumped in her car, clearly inebriated, waiting for a ride home. Immediately recognising the smell of cheap liquor, my dear old mum proceeded to ask me, "Lewis, have you been drinking tonight?" To which I replied, "I think Sam (my best friend at the time) accidentally gave me some vodka".

Now obviously this was all utter bullshit. I drank copious amounts of vodka. Back then I had the constitution of a toddler. I was totally smashed. It was all my fault. However, this did not stop me trying to pass the blame onto someone else.

Sometimes though these things really are someone else's fault, as we found out when Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey was interviewed about his new movie The Beach Bum - which also stars notorious rapper Snoop Dogg.

I don't know if you guys know much about Snoop, but he has always had a penchant for smoking the green stuff. So when McConaughey revealed that Snoop had tricked him into getting high on set, nobody was particularly surprised. Allegedly Snoop snuck into the props cupboard and managed to tamper with the prop weed the guys needed for a scene, and as you can probably imagine, hilarity ensued...

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, the Dallas Buyers Club star told the story in full:

"There’s a scene where I’m going to Snoop because I’ve got writers block and Snoop has the magic weed.

"So I went to the prop man to make sure I have the prop weed which is like crushed oregano.

"So it’s a six minute scene where we pass back and forth and all of sudden at the end he goes “Yo Moondog” – that’s my character – “that ain’t prop weed, that’s Snoop Weed”. ‘And I was like “oh you son of a a gun”.

"The next nine hours were a lot of fun but I don’t think we used one word in the English language."

Now I'm not sure whether I believe that Matthew's reaction was so clean and PG, but you can only imagine that this was a pretty hilarious day on set. While Snoop is probably fairly used to dealing with the highs and lows of smoking weed on the job, McConaughey clearly wasn't prepared to be quite so baked between tokes - sorry, I meant takes.

I think the next time that I try and pull the wool over my poor mum's eyes, I might take a little inspiration from my favourite True Detective and come up with something funnier and slightly more plausible.