Melania Trump planting a tree in Louboutins is the internet's new favorite meme

Melania Trump planting a tree in Louboutins is the internet's new favorite meme

He might not be the most popular president, nor the smartest, nor, indeed, the most presidential by anyone's standards, but you've got to give Donald Trump credit where credit's due: he is the most meme-able. Since assuming his position in the White House last year, the former businessman has been photoshopped and captioned on every social media platform available - and, sometimes, the rest of his family ends up getting the meme treatment, too.

Melania Trump, in particular, has proven herself to be particularly meme-worthy. Whether it's the conspiracy theories about her having a body double, or her questionable choice in clothing, the first lady certainly has a talent for providing the internet with comically viral material.

And she's only gone and done it again - this time by planting a tree while wearing Louboutin stiletto heels.

The original image made it to the internet after Melania got involved in a ceremonial tree-planting ceremony last Monday on the White House's South Lawn.

At first, people made obvious comparisons between the current first lady and the former one.

And then a few crude edits began making the rounds.

But, eventually, the Reddit sub, /r/photoshopbattles got a hold of the picture, and they very quickly set to work turning it into a masterpiece.

This one shows Melania on the most delicious - it was truly the most delicious - chocolate cake you've ever seen:

Here she is proudly presenting a metaphor for the USA at present:

And this one is actually a snapshot of her innermost desires:

But, seriously, what is it with Melania and not being able to wear appropriate attire for gardening? Just last month, an old picture of the first lady went viral after people pointed out that her sneakers were squeaky clean in the snap.

You'd think, after that PR fiasco, that someone would have pulled Mrs. Trump aside and suggested that, maybe, she ought to go and change into something a bit more appropriate. You know, maybe some trainers or flats? Hell, even crocs would have been a better option than designer heels.

But apparently nobody thought to do that, and thus a glorious new meme has graced our timelines.

We shouldn't complain too much, though. What with all the other terrible things coming out of this administration of late, it's nice to have some comic relief every now and then.