Michelle Pfeiffer delights fans with makeup free Thanksgiving selfie

Michelle Pfeiffer delights fans with makeup free Thanksgiving selfie

It's a fact universally acknowledged that the every move, decision and whim of the celebrities in this modern culture of ours will be dissected, discussed and debated.

Endless tabloid column inches are dedicated to the deciphering of the social mores of the rich and famous, and we all remain in thrall to their effervescent pull.

But at what cost, reader, at what cost?

Michelle Pfeiffer shows off her incredible Catwoman whip skills:

Holding up unrealistic paragons of beauty and virtue as viable role models could have damaging consequences on society; when we hold ourselves to impossible standards, we can only fail.

Perhaps now more than at any point in history, we're confronted with visions of such rarified, unachievable perfection, both on the covers of glossy magazines and down the filtered corridors of Instagram.

Yet there are those among the rich and famous who are trying to bring things back down to earth.

Recently, there has been a number of celebrities who've posted unedited pictures of stretch marks, such as Katie Holmes and Kourtney Kardashian.

And now, in celebration of Thanksgiving, Michelle Pfeiffer has treated her fans to a makeup-free selfie, and she looks absolutely radiant.

"Excited to see my family for Thanksgiving, but will miss my Montreal crew," 61-year-old Michelle captioned the snap.

And fans promptly took to the comments section to praise Pfeiffer, with one writing "Natural selfie, beautiful" and another adding "stunning as always."

A third told Pfeiffer, "You make me look forward to aging".

Watch Michelle Pfeiffer rediscover her old Catwoman whip:

The actress has been in Montreal to film new movie French Exit, which Fox News describes as a movie about a woman living with her son and her husband, who has been reincarnated as a cat.

A release date is yet to be announced.