'My Name is Earl' and 'Wolf of Wall Street' actor Ethan Suplee is absolutely ripped now

'My Name is Earl' and 'Wolf of Wall Street' actor Ethan Suplee is absolutely ripped now

It's January: a time of year when most of us feel guilty about having overindulged over the holidays and are looking to lose weight, give up booze, and hit the gym.

But if you're looking for an inspirational transformation then look no further than actor Ethan Suplee, who portrayed the character of Randy Hickey in the sitcom My Name Is Earl and starred in Wolf of Wall Street. Suplee, who used to be overweight, has hit the gym and gained some incredible muscles. Take a look at some of his Instagram posts if you don't believe me:

Although Suplee shed his fat and gained his muscles several years ago, attention was drawn to his transformation this week when someone shared a post on Reddit highlighting how different he looks.

In a 2017 interview with Entertainment Weekly on the subject of his new health regimen: "Initially, the casting directors didn't want me to come in because I'd lost a bunch of weight. Apparently they had proposed me a bunch of times, but the casting directors were like, 'No, he's too thin now.'"

"I'd gained a bunch of weight back because I actually didn't find being thin all that it's cracked up to be. So we convinced them that I was heavier again, and I went in, and that was that. I was heavy enough."

He continued: "After My Name Is Earl, I started obsessively riding bicycles. I actually did get properly thin at one point - I was nine percent body fat. But I was also riding a bicycle six to eight hours a day, six days. After two years of that, my wife said, 'Hey, idiot, you can't retire and ride bicycles. You have to go get a job.'"

Check out Rob Gronkowski's girlfriend recreating this iconic 'Wolf of Wall Street' scene:

He added: "So then [when I started looking for work], I found that people were like, 'Who are you? We don't know you. You're this new person.' So a couple years ago I made the decision: I'm not going to kill myself to be thin when nobody knows me as a thin person, and I do think it is affecting the kind of jobs I'm getting. And so I just kind of relaxed on my diet."

Way to go Ethan! You truly are an inspiration during Dry January...