No-one can believe that Andy Samberg is 40-years-old

No-one can believe that Andy Samberg is 40-years-old

This time each year, the Golden Globes usually spark up plenty of discussion after the Beverly Hills event airs, and that's not even covering the movies that win or lose on the big night. With every instalment of the ceremony (this is the 76th) comes new memes and awkward moment for the internet to obsess over, and 2019 was no different.

This time we had an awkward Rami Malek being blanked by Nicole Kidman on stage, Twitter claimed that Kaley Cuoco was a doppelgänger for Jennifer Aniston, Melissa McCarthy somehow managed to smuggle in 30 ham sandwiches for hungry guests, the 'Fiji water girl' went viral for photobombing on the red carpet, people freaked out over Christian Bale's accent and then the actor offended Dick Cheney's daughter by thanking satan for inspiring him in the role.

Yeah, it was a weird night.

One of the main takeaways from the presentation, however, were the two hosts of the evening: Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh (who also picked up her own award). Most viewers were in agreement that they absolutely killed it, both for their prickly humour and the good-natured tone of their interludes throughout the night.

This was Samberg's first time hosting the Golden Globes, but the landmark was overshadowed slightly by the revelation that he's a lot older than he looks. Now, 40 is by no means old, but the actor looks barely a day over 30, and these youthful looks left many  shocked.

Looking back on Samberg's early days, back in 2018 a photo of him from 6th grade started making the rounds - as it featured none other than his Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-star Chelsea Peretti. The actress plays Gina on the show, and just like their fictional characters they were childhood friends.

Credit: Reddit

Speaking to Conan O'Brien, Peretti has spoken about this time in her life - admitting she had a huge crush on Samberg way back. "We went to elementary school," she said. "I had a huge crush on Andy and he, for some reason, will never acknowledge this, when I bring it up, he just dead-eyes me.

"I used to call his house on like those old-timey phones that we used to have. I would call and hang up, call and hang up as some young girls do. Irritating young girls.

"I don't know what my end game was really, I didn't have a plan, there was no emojis then, that would have made it so easy you know, to flirt with him."

Remember when we had to do without those emojis and endless forms of online dating and social media to interact with each other on? Either way, it looks like it turned out pretty well for them both over the years, as both are hitting the big time. It doesn't hurt that both 40 year olds look youthful as ever.