Rami Malek was blanked by Nicole Kidman on stage at the Golden Globes and it's so awkward

Rami Malek was blanked by Nicole Kidman on stage at the Golden Globes and it's so awkward

The Golden Globes are one of the best events every year, not because they're the be-all and end-all of what movie is good or not, but because they're usually full of their fair share of hilarious or awkward moments featuring your favorite celebrities. This year had some great zingers from co-hosts, Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh, a little confusion over Christian Bale's real accent, and some hilarious trolling by Macaulay Culkin.

What a lot of us are watching for is for those gloriously cringe or otherwise hilarious moments, when we get to see a bit of the real side of the world's most famous stars - and they get roasted a little bit along the way.

This year, the hosts poked fun at Lady Gaga for her oft-repeated "100 people in the room" quote:

And called out the time that Emma Stone played a woman of Asian descent in Aloha - to which you can hear the La La Land actress respond, "I'm sorry!"

Aside from the jokes, there were, of course, some awards to give out, with many hoping to claim the coveted Best Picture award. It's been a rocky time for the production of Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, seeing as the director was fired halfway through filming for "absence and clashing with the cast and crew," but it all worked out in the end, as this Sunday, they got two big awards at the ceremony.

First of all, Rami Malek - who plays Freddie Mercury in the movie - nabbed himself the Best Actor in a Drama, then Bohemian Rhapsody got Best Picture. However, not everything went so smoothly for Malek on the otherwise successful evening. When the cast and crew gathered on stage to bask in the glow of their win towards the end of the night, Malek was a little late to get there.

Credit: Instagram / @ramimalek

Rushing to the stage, he struggled to get to the center of the crowd, awkwardly hanging around the outskirts of the celebrations (we've all been there). That's when he approached the category's presenter, Nicole Kidman, to hug or shake her hand - but she didn't notice him whatsoever, leaving him awkwardly grasping for her before giving up entirely.

"Rami Malek trying to talk to Nicole Kidman is like me trying to talk to my crush," one user wrote, and they couldn't be more spot on.

He tried to play it off like it was nothing, but the damage was done - and of course, it was all caught on video:

Twitter, as you'd expect, got a lot of entertainment value out of this cringe moment. This is what some users had to say:

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One wrote, "Can we talk about Rami Malek trying to greet Nicole Kidman and getting completely ignored on the #GoldenGlobes stage just now LOL."

Credit: Twitter / @alkaypa

Another remarked, "Poor Rami Malek trying to get Nicole Kidman's attention lmao."

Credit: Twitter / @abbey_schuetze

After his failure to greet Kidman, the actor gave up trying to be a part of the celebrations and stood back, applauding as the hit movie’s executive producers Jim Beach and Graham King accepted the award. But I'm betting that picking up two awards on a night like this is well worth any embarrassment!