Offset used a graphic video of Cardi B giving birth to promote his album

Offset used a graphic video of Cardi B giving birth to promote his album

Cardi B and Offset, the hip-hop Ross and Rachel, appear to be back together. Last December, the couple, who has a six-month-old daughter, Kulture, announced they were separating. Shortly afterward, reports emerged that Offset tried to set up a three-way with two other women. (I wonder if, like Ross, he tried to defend himself by saying, "WE WERE ON A BREAK!" And then one of the other Migos guys popped up in and adlibbed, "BREAK!")

However, Offset wasn't about to give up on Cardi so easy. (Did you see her twerking in the Money music video?) During her concert in Los Angeles, he stormed the stage and tried to reignite their romance. He even brought 2,000 stem roses, which spelled 'TAKE ME BACK, CARDI,' and cost $15,000. But the Bodak Yellow rapper was not impressed. She looked at him with disapproval and ordered him off stage.

Since Offset's groveling stage stunt, we've heard conflicting reports about their relationship status. They're together. They're not together. They're together - and that's where we are now! At last Sunday's Grammy Awards, the hip-hop stars arrived as a couple, and when Cardi B won Best Rap Album, Offset joined her on stage, holding her hand. He also joined her for photos backstage, which let some Twitter users to shout, "Back off, bro! Let Cardi shine! Damn!"

We expect Cardi B and Offset to break up and reunite, over and over again, a relationship Mobius strip. But here's something nobody was expecting: After the Grammys, Offset posted a promotional video for his solo album on Instagram, which featured a graphic video of Cardi B giving birth to Kulture. In the delivery room, the I Like It rapper screams in pain, surrounded by doctors. Then camera zooms in on Offset's bewildered face.

Well, that's certainly one way to promote an album. Last year, the Migos released their sophomore album Culture II, which was a staggering hour and 45 minutes long. Then, just a few months later, Quavo and Takeoff dropped their solo projects. With so much Migos music saturating the market, how will Offset stand out? Evidently, by releasing a documentary on the same day of his album, which features candid footage of Cardi.

Many Twitter users were taken off guard by Offset's video. One person commented "very weird," under a gif of Jessica Walter from Arrested Development. Another person joked, "when cardi b said invasion of privacy, offset took it literally." Well, he already hopped in all of Cardi's Grammy win photos; he might as well exploit her privacy to sell his album!

Offset's solo album and documentary drops on February 22. Does he still like Patek watches? Does his Lambo still go skrr-skrr? Is he still flooded, flooded, flooded, flooded, flooded, flooded, flooded? The world waits with baited breath.