Cardi B reveals why she's nervous to date following split with husband Offset

Cardi B reveals why she's nervous to date following split with husband Offset

Cardi B and Offset - are they together or not? As of this writing, the answer is "not." But that might change by the time you finish this sentence. And it might change again by the time you finish this one. Love is crazy!

If you're confused by all the twists and turns of their onset-again offset-again relationship, here's a recap: Last December, Cardi announced she broke up with Offset, after one year of marriage. Allegedly he tried to set up a three-way with two other women, and one of the women apologized in a tearful video. In an attempt to win back his queen, Offset stormed the stage during Cardi's concert, and begged him to take her back. She did not say okurrr.

Yet the theatrical stunt seemed to work. During an Instagram live chat, Cardi B told fans that she missed her husband's manhood. Shortly afterwards, the pair were spotted jetskiing together in Puerto Rico, and confirmed their carnal reunion with steamy Instagram posts. Then Cardi shared an affectionate photo of Offset kissing their six-month old daughter Kulture. "I want to go home," she wrote, indicating that they were back together.

Insiders claimed Offset had changed his philandering ways, and imposed a strict "no groupies" rule while on tour. (Wow, no groupies? Not "two groupies only" or "one and a half groupies only"? He must really mean business!) Yet in a new fairy-tale themed feature in Harper's Bazaar, Cardi said she and her estranged husband were "not really" talking. When asked if they'd get back together, she said, "I don’t think so. [But] Who knows? You never know, you can never tell." (No, we really can't.)

Cardi B fairy tale photoshoot Credit: Harper's Bazaar

In her risqué music videos, the rapper exudes confidence. However, she revealed that she's actually nervous about getting back into the dating scene. "I have a kid, and I’m also famous," she explained. "So I can’t just sleep with anybody. People talk. You know, if I date somebody in the industry, that’s another person in the industry. If I date somebody who is not in the industry, he might not understand my lifestyle."

Obviously, a ton of guys have sent thirsty messages to Cardi, but she's been ignoring them. "It’s like, ‘Bro, why would you want to holler at me right away? You’re weird.’" she stated. "If you think I'mma automatically hop onto you after a marriage, that just means you think I’m a sleaze. And I’m not. I have a kid—I have to show an example... Just because I’m out there and very sexual doesn’t mean that I have to be whorish. I like to have sex. That doesn’t mean I have to have it with everybody."

And yes, this is the same Harper's Bazaar that threw that party where Cardi B chucked a shoe at Nicki Minaj. Ah, good times!