Olivia Culpo absolutely savages her ex Danny Amendola with brutal message

Olivia Culpo absolutely savages her ex Danny Amendola with brutal message

When it comes to dealing with your ex, I find that the best possible policy is just to ignore them completely. Seriously, if they've screwed you over and left you feeling depressed and worthless, then you need to separate entirely, move on, and find someone who can give you the love and respect you earn.

I remember when I had a bad breakup a few years ago, I would squabble with my ex on social media all the time, in a sad attempt to have the last word. However, it usually ended with me feeling worse off afterwards, and eventually, I learned that blocking and forgetting her was the most healthy way I could have reacted.

However, one person who most assuredly hasn't taken this life advice to heart is model and 2012 Miss Universe winner Olivia Culpo, who took to Instagram this week to deliver an absolutely savage burn to her ex for all of her social media followers to see. Wow, so much for staying above it all, huh?

In case you missed out on the recent drama in Olivia's love life, allow me to put you in the picture. Basically, Olivia had been in a relationship with an NFL player, Dolphins wide receiver Danny Amendola. By all accounts, the couple appeared to be picture-perfect and happy together, with Culpo regularly uploading snaps of the two of them together to Instagram.

However in October, there was a major scandal: Amendola was spotted hanging out on the beach and getting quite intimate with CBS reporter, Bianca Peters. When the pictures of the two leaked, Olivia promptly broke up with Amendola and the two went their separate ways. Pretty unsurprising really.

However, it seems as though Culpo isn't quite ready to bury the hatchet. November 5 is Amendola's birthday, but rather than wish her ex many happy returns, Olivia decided to wish him many unhappy returns instead. On her latest Instagram story, posting a photo of her wrist, to show she was proudly wearing a super-expensive Rolex and basically loving her life as single woman. She captioned the pic: "Looks like this is my present now. HAPPY BDAY TO ME. [sic]" Ouch. I wouldn't want to be Danny Amendola right now.

An image of Olivia Culpo's recent Instagram story. Credit: Instagram/@oliviaculpo

It seems as though Olivia's actually concentrating more on her career right now, rather than romance. In a recent interview with Haute Living, she stated: "I love everything that I’m doing. I know I’m doing a lot, but it’s all stuff that I’m passionate about... Honestly, it depends on the day. I love being able to switch it up. I’m the kind of person who likes change, and I’ll tell you, every day is different; nothing is ever the same."

To be honest, since she's already literally won the world's biggest beauty pageant, I don't imagine she'll have too much trouble finding a new guy, do you? Enjoy those twelve nanoseconds of single life Liv!