Oscars viewers are confusing Keanu Reeve's mom for his girlfriend

Oscars viewers are confusing Keanu Reeve's mom for his girlfriend

One of the cutest moments from this year's Oscars was the moment when John Wick actor Keanu Reeves revealed that he'd brought a very special person along as his plus-one.

Was it a romantic partner? No! It was in fact his own mom, costume designer Patricia Taylor, who looks every bit as youthful as her famously-sprightly son Keanu.

Watch Keanu Reeves and Diane Keaton present the Oscars together: 

However, this sweet gesture of affection did come with a caveat. It seems as though a number of people who spotted Keanu and his mother together mistook Patricia for his new girlfriend Alexandra Grant, which led to some heavy debate on social media.

Per The Independent, the case of mistaken identity appears to have begun when a Getty Images photographer documented the two of them attending the red carpet at the Dolby Theatre last night. The caption for the picture appeared to misname Patricia as Alexandra Grant, which led to some confusion.

Keanu Reeves and Patricia Taylor.

Later the Hollywood Reporter repeated the gaffe, with a headline that appeared to identify Keanu and his mom as a ''couple.'' Not only that, but E! News reported Ryan Seacrest later seemed to make the same mistake of assuming that Keanu's mom was Alexandra.

A number of Twitter users expressed their exasperation over the debacle. For instance, one person wrote: "Keanu Reeves' mom looks great - but she's not his girlfriend THR. [sic]" while someone else added: "The funniest thing about the oscars is keanu reeves mom being mistaken for his girlfriend by gettys images [sic]"

The couple first met in 2011, and collaborated often together, with Grant providing the art for the books Ode To Happiness and Shadows - two volumes of poetry written by Keanu himself, and later founded the publishing company X Artists’ Books together.

She's also the founder of the philanthropic grantLOVE project, which produces and sells original artworks and editions to benefit and find lesser-known artistic projects.