People are blasting Katy Perry for being 'jealous' after she paid $50,000 to stop fan going on a date with Orlando Bloom

People are blasting Katy Perry for being 'jealous' after she paid $50,000 to stop fan going on a date with Orlando Bloom

Some people just can't seem to stop being jealous; no matter how hard they try. Even years after a breakup they'll still pine for the person their ex and reminisce about the good old days when they were happily dating them. It's a sad fact that being too obsessively possessive can often provoke you into acting irrationally, or even make you act out in petty and vindictive ways.

Sadly, even celebrities aren't immune to this kind of behaviour. For instance, take Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, Last week a questionable stunt pulled by Katy Perry at a charity event this week seems to suggest that maybe she's a little bit too protective of Bloom after all.

On Sunday, Perry performed at the One Love Malibu charity show, to raise money after the Woolsey fire that destroyed swathes of the city over the last month. One of the charity events was an auction, in which Katy was given the opportunity to place her very own boyfriend up for sale, stating: "This man that I am dating and totally love and respect, he is literally a Malibu OG," while Bloom posed next to a motorbike. However, when one super-rich person tried to score a date with the Lord of the Rings actor, Katy seemed to relent at the last minute and actually outbid them herself - an act which didn't appear to endear her to others.

Fans took to social media to express outrage over Kary Perry's gesture. One person wrote: "What Katy Perry did was bitchy. I don't care that she donated $50k. She still could've done that on top of Laura's $20k and let Laura have her date with Orlando. If you're so insecure, DON'T AUCTION OFF A DATE WITH YOUR BOYFRIEND!!!! [sic]"

Another person tweeted: "People put something for bid to raise outside money. If they have class, they don’t deny outside money then bid on their own piece because they are jealous or spiteful. They could have taken Laura’s money and Katy could have donated elsewhere."

However, some people were more supportive of Perry, with one person writing: "As if locals are mad because Katy Perry outbidded a fan for a date with Orlando Bloom for charity lmaoooo if Rihanna did it y’all would have 300k likes on a tweet about how Rihanna is a relatable ass bitch or something. [sic]"

Someone else added: "Lol these comments are so stupid. She's paying more money to the charity and it's HER boyfriend.. Pretty sure the fan didn't care that much."

While it is a shame that a fan didn't get to go on a date with Orlando Bloom, I don't think I'd be happy about my partner going on a date with someone else. Plus, as people have pointed out, Katy Perry did outbid the fan by about $30,000, which means that a lot more money is going to a good cause now.