People losing it over this guy who looks crazy similar to Ryan Gosling

People losing it over this guy who looks crazy similar to Ryan Gosling

We tend to think of celebrities as being 100 per cent unique, and that only they could have their famous features. After all, whose one-of-a-kind looks could ever match the likes of Taylor Swift, or Beyoncé, or Kim Kardashian? Think about Ryan Gosling: ever since he appeared in The Notebook, Gosling has been a heart-throb for millions of people, and is reckoned to be one of the most attractive men on Earth. But as it turns out, his looks aren't irreplaceable after all, since a doppelganger of his has recently been discovered on social media.

Johannes Laschet, a fashion blogger and law student from Germany, is a dude who has been blessed with a keen sense of style and an uncanny resemblance to Ryan Gosling. In fact, the two men look so similar that, if you didn't know any better, who might assume they were related. Interestingly enough Johannes is also the son of German politician Armin Laschet, who was recently elected to be the minister-president of North Rhine-Westphalia, which makes him something of a celebrity in his own right. Scroll down to check out his men's fashion Instagram and see for yourself how similar he looks to Ryan.











So there you have it: Ryan Gosling's secret twin. As impressive as his blog is, I think Johannes should be thinking of a new career as a celebrity impersonator. After all, he certainly has the looks for it.