Pink's daughter gave her a homemade Grammy after she lost out at the awards

Pink's daughter gave her a homemade Grammy after she lost out at the awards

People call award shows meaningless when their favorite artists lose, then jump for joy on social media when their favorite artists win. It's a funny case of doublethink. The Grammy's are simultaneously a ridiculous ceremony with zero credibility and a prestigious honor signifying excellence, depending on who wins.

Artists probably feel that same ambivalence. On one hand, it would be awesome to win the accolade, saunter on stage and bask in the spotlight. On the other hand, it's just a trophy. No matter how shiny it is, it pales in comparison to the respect of your peers, and the love of your fans, friends and family.

Pink has been nominated for twenty Grammy awards, and won thrice. However, the other seventeen times she didn't go home empty-handed. Okay, she did go home empty-handed, but when she walked through the door, she received an even more special prize: a homemade award from her daughter, Willow.

This year was no exception. Pink's Beautiful Trauma was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album, but lost to Ariana Grande's Sweetener. (Grande did not attend the ceremony, due to a contentious fight with producers over which songs to perform.) However, the 39-year-old mother-of-two took the loss in stride.

"I think it’s kind of rad that I just lost my 20th Grammy nomination," Pink tweeted. "I’m always honored to be included. Now to get this sick baby in the bathtub. Congrats to all the nominees! Have fun tonight."

On Instagram, Pink posted a photo of Willow holding the giant, tinfoil Grammy-shaped trophy. "Thanks Kids:) my favorite kind of award," she wrote in the caption. (Pink is married to former motocross racer and current off-road truck racer Carey Hart. Together they have two children, seven-year-old daughter Willow and two-year-old son Jameson Moon.)

And it appears Willow is following in her mother's footsteps. Recently the pair teamed up to record a cover of 'A Million Things' for The Greatest Showman Reimagined, a companion album to the 2017 film. In a behind-the-the scenes video from their studio session, Willow sings the first verse all by herself, while her mom coaches her.

Their adorable duet melted the internet's heart. While speaking to Billboard, music producer Kevin Weaver raved about the collaboration: "This movie has affected families in such a profound way that having ['A Million Dreams'] represented by way of a mother-daughter collaboration was a really special contribution and part of the process. It really became this special mother-daughter moment."

Well, if Willow Sage Hart ever goes solo, releases an album, gets nominated for a Grammy, and loses, hopefully she won't take the loss too hard. I'm sure her mom will return the favor and present her with a giant, tinfoil homemade Grammy away. Or she could just give Willow one of her three Grammy's. They're totally meaningless, and yet such a great honor.