Post Malone shares photo of large new face tattoo

Post Malone shares photo of large new face tattoo

Post Malone looks like he smells. Honestly, look at him and tell me that he doesn't smell. You can just imagine it, can't you? It's probably quite a musty, thick smell - one of those that lingers in the nostrils for an extended period of time. When Post Malone walks into the room, everyone can smell his scent, but no one mentions it. Instead, they sit silently, staring at the ground until Malone asks: "Wassup, guys?" and they all reply in unison: "Nothing, Post... It's just... Nothing."

Post Malone looks like he smells.

But his scent isn't the only thing that bothers people when it comes to the Rockstar hitmaker. Malone, as an artist, has built his career off of being a rapper.

However, many of his comments regarding his attitude towards hip-hop and the struggles of being a white man haven't gone down well with fans of the culture. Speaking to GQ, Malone claims that being a white rapper is hard work.

"I definitely feel like there’s a struggle being a white rapper," he said. "But I don’t want to be a rapper. I just want to be a person that makes music. I make music that I like and I think that kicks ass, that I think the people who fuck with me as a person and as an artist will like." He echoed the sentiment throughout the interview, adding: "It should just be music, you know?"

Safe to say that his comments didn't go down well, with the majority of people calling on Post to quit music if he doesn't want to be a rapper. One Twitter user wrote: "Stop making rap music if it’s so hard for you." Another added: "Go make non-hip hop, rap, R&B music and watch your career crash. No one is stopping him. Hip Hop isn’t holding Post Malone back from making ‘real’ music. He’s just wack."

This wasn't the first time Malone has been criticized for his attitude and comments towards hip-hop. In November, he claimed that fans “looking for lyrics” or “looking to cry” or “looking to think about life,” should look beyond rap - something which seems astounding when you consider that many of the greatest wordsmiths of all time are rappers.

“It’s crazy that after all this time im still being questioned,” he wrote in response to critiques. “Suck my f***ing d**k i don’t have to explain s**t. i do this s**t because i love to do this s**t.”

Now, however, Post has caused more controversy with his latest tattoo. The rapper-who-doesn't-want-to-be-a-rapper-but-continues-to-make-rap-music recently got the words "always tired" tattooed under his eyes and it's fair to say that Twitter really doesn't know what to make of it all.

While it's easy to hate on the White Iverson rapper, he is riding a wave of unrivalled success at the moment - with him setting the record for having the most amount of top 20 singles in the Billboard hot 100 at one time. Maybe it's time to stop criticising the culture that so heavily lines your pocket, Post?