Pregnant Instagram star in tears as she’s banned over 'sexual' baby bump pic

Pregnant Instagram star in tears as she’s banned over 'sexual' baby bump pic

A pregnant influencer, who had nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram, broke down in tears after her account was taken down due to "sexual" photo she posted featuring her baby bump.

Sally Mustang, from Byron Bay, Australia, is five months pregnant and expecting her first child with her with husband, Mitch Gobel. Sally shared the supposedly indecent photo which, according to reports, showed her naked in a bathtub while showing off her baby bump.

However, soon after posting the photo, her account - her livelihood, that is - was deleted. She opened up about the ordeal, before breaking down in tears in a video which was posted to Mitch’s Instagram page.

Check out the video here:

"It makes my heart so sore, and I’m really scared," she said. "I’m five months pregnant and my whole livelihood has disappeared. It’s my creative outlet."

"It’s my memories. My voice, my community, my family, by businesses. It’s all disappeared. And to be five months pregnant and adapting to all the change that’s going on already it feels so unfair. So harsh. I just want to speak up."

According to Sally, who is also an artist and a yoga teacher, the photo was flagged for being "sexual", despite the fact that she used her hands to conceal her chest.

Before the account was deleted, Sally said in a post: "Mitch’s account was threatened to be shut down this morning so we are just going to be super easy going on here for a few days. Thank you to everyone that has left me comments, advice. heartfelt and for following this new account. I'll be active again as soon as I feel up to it."

The couple are known for posting revealing images on their respective social media pages, and openly discussing their sex life. They've even up their own website, called Sex is Art, on which they share their sexual experiences with their followers.