Pregnant Iskra Lawrence shuts down body shamer who commented on her privates

Pregnant Iskra Lawrence shuts down body shamer who commented on her privates

Earlier this month, model and campaigner Iskra Lawrence revealed to her 4.2 million Instagram followers that she is expecting her first child with boyfriend Philip Payne.

The 29-year-old posted the announcement on November 5, writing: "It’s not just the two of us anymore, we're soon to be a family of 3". (The heartwarming post then suddenly turns into an #ad for a brand of pregnancy tests - which was a little bizarre.)

Sadly, being in the limelight, the model's pregnancy was never going to be without criticism, and now Lawrence has had to bring out her mama bear claws and take a rude commenter down a peg or two.

Always one to keep her social media followers updated, the British model shared a picture to Instagram on Friday showing off her growing baby bump. The body-positive campaigner proudly displayed her changing body in a gorgeous bra and underwear comb - but one commenter sadly soured the moment.

Check out Iskra's recent four-month bump reveal:

The picture in question was a pregnancy throwback pic and showed Iskra holding a blueberry to represent the size of "baby P" at seven weeks. She captioned the pic: "I've been keeping track ever since I found out I was pregnant. So here's the first throwback to 7weeks when baby P was only the size of a lil blueberry [sic]".

However, Lawrence wanted to make it clear that she was also thinking about those women who are currently experiencing fertility issues - as some may find the pregnancy posts "triggering". She wrote: "I want to take this time to celebrate all women and their journeys and highlight the normalities of infertility and bring awareness to issues that [affect] 1 in 4 women.

"You are not alone and you and your body are worthy of love and celebration too."

A wonderful message, I'm sure we'd all agree. However, one commenter decided to leave a rather unsavory comment on the post, causing the model to hit back.

Taking to the comment section, the body-shamer wrote: "I would have fixed the vag before posting."

Replying to the commenter, Iskra - who famously takes pride in only sharing untouched pictures - said: "It doesn't need 'fixing'. All my body parts are perfectly wonderful thanks and I refuse to retouch them."

Iskra Lawrence sends an important message on the NYC subway:

Many of Iskra's fans praised her for the honest response. "[There's] absolutely nothing to fix anywhere. @iskra is just beautiful", one fan wrote.

"[Thanks] for shutting down that horrible comment. We dont wish for what kind of body we want [sic]", addressed another.

A third commented: "I think its horrible how people tall down on what a 'perfect or normal' vag is suppose to be. I think there should be something out there to help young woman accept and be comfortable with their private parts. So i applaud you and love that you shut it down [sic]".