Harry and Meghan have the most adorable nicknames for one another

Harry and Meghan have the most adorable nicknames for one another

Prince Harry and Dutchess Meghan have been married for nearly three months now, and while the all the Royal Wedding hoopla is dying down, those of us who are Royal fanatics are craving more news! Recently it was reported that Harry was selling his car, possibly to upgrade to a more family-friendly model.

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While we don't know anything for sure, many Royal watchers are wondering if a baby could be on the way for the happy couple. However, while we don't know if Meghan will be calling Harry her baby daddy anytime soon, we do know what she has nicknamed her husband.

According to Meghan's friend, Gina Nelthorpe-Cowne, Meghan likes to call Harry "Haz", and in return, Harry shortens his wife's name to "Meg". That's pretty adorable, isn't it? Maybe Haz and Meg will become the new Will and Kate. It certainly is catchy!

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However, while Meg is perhaps not the most exciting nickname Harry could have given Meghan, it turns out that Harry's dad, Prince Charles, has come up with a much better name to call his new daughter-in-law.

According to Hello Magazine, Prince Charles reportedly calls Meghan "Tungsten" because it's one of the strongest metals on Earth. It does seem fitting considering that Meghan is certainly no shrinking violet!

Meghan recently celebrated her 37th birthday, but the day was far from a celebration about her:

In other nicknames news, Prince Harry is reportedly called "Potter" from Harry Potter, and "Spike" by some of his best pals, Hello Magazine claim. Allegedly, Harry even operated a secret Facebook account under the same Spike Wells for four years before getting caught.

Royal Family members are not allowed to have personal social media accounts, and so Harry's was shut down, just as Meghan Markle's was before she wed the Prince. Now, both Harry and Meghan, as well as William and Kate, are represented online by the Kensington Palace social media accounts.

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Kensington Palace, which goes by the handle @kensingtonroyal, recently posted on both Twitter and Instagram in order to recognize Meghan Markle's birthday. The Duchess of Sussex turned 37 on August 4, and many fans were hoping that a new portrait might have been revealed that day, but sadly it was not.

While it is believed that Harry and Meghan are trying to keep out of the media spotlight after such fanfare around their wedding, both the Clarence House account, which represents Charles and Camilla, and the Royal Family's general Instagram account, which represents The Queen, herself, also posted about Meghan's birthday.

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All three accounts posted a different thoughtful well-wish for Meghan's special day along with a photo of the Dutchess of Sussex, including one of Meghan sitting next to The Queen.

However, Meghan isn't having some blowout birthday bash or even a more subdued dinner party to celebrate. Instead, she accompanied her Husband, Prince Harry, to a wedding where he was standing as the best man.

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Perhaps an extra glass of champagne at the reception is in order? Well, that is as long as Meghan can drink. You never know if all those pregnancy rumors swirling around the Royal couple will turn out to be true or not.

Meghan just turned 37 and if she's planning on having children, then surely her biological clock must be ticking. After all, she was spotted interacting with the wee ones on a recent visit to Ireland with Harry. Could baby fever be setting in?

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At 37, it could become more difficult to conceive and the risks associated with pregnancy become higher for both mother and baby. Kate Middleton just had her third child with Harry's brother, Prince William.

Kate was 36 when she gave birth to baby Louis, but at age 37, Meghan has yet to have her first child. Will she be 38 by the time we see a little one for Haz and Meg? And will Meghan's age limit how many children the couple will be able to have?

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However, medicine has come a long way and plenty of women in their 30s and 40s are having children. Perhaps the pressure for more Royal babies is simply coming from all of us who want more Royal gossip to discuss.

After all, there are names and gender reveals and due dates to ponder about, not to mention the daily bump watch that some folks are surely already checking. Hmmm, is that a baby or just a burrito in Meghan's belly?

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Regardless, we wish Haz and Meg all the best and sincerely hope that Meghan had a wonderful 37th birthday. Notice how I've said Haz and Meg? Yeah, that's totally a thing now. It's done.