Priyanka Chopra said she's a 'terrible wife' to Nick Jonas for a hilariously old-fashioned reason

Priyanka Chopra said she's a 'terrible wife' to Nick Jonas for a hilariously old-fashioned reason

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas got married last December, throwing a traditional Hindu ceremony and Christian ceremony in Jodhpur, India. That means Priyanka Chopra has two stunning, expensive wedding dresses that she'll never wear again, collecting dust in the back of her closet until the sun burns out. Jealous? I'm most curious what she's going to do with that epic 75-foot veil - paper towels? Mosquito netting? A mummy costume? The possibilities are endless.

After the fairy tale weddings, plus a dreamy honeymoon in the Bahamas, the couple is back to everyday life, which includes spilling all the juicy details about their relationship to the world.  Did you hear about the 'millennial' way they met? The panic attack Priyanka had moments before the wedding? The staggeringly expensive gift Nick bought Priyanka after the Jonas Brothers' new single went to number one? If you obsess over celebrity couples, you can almost forget your own loneliness! Almost.

On Wednesday, Priyanka Chopra appeared on The View, and Sunny Hostin asked the burning question on everyone's mind: Who does the cooking in the Chopra-Jonas household? "I can't cook," Priyanka confessed. "And I told him that when he proposed. I was like, ‘Listen, you’re from a good Southern home [in Dallas]. You’re used to your mom making you amazing food … You’re not marrying that girl. I cannot cook.’ I can make eggs, also sporadically, maybe at night. I’m better at making eggs at night for dinner."

"I’m a terrible, terrible wife in that sense," she added, referencing the outdated stereotype that wives are responsible for handling all the cooking in the household. Nick wasn't too disappointed, though, since he sucks at cooking too! Priyanka continued, "The most amazing thing when I told him that, ‘Babe, I can’t cook and I hope you know that,’ he said, ‘It’s alright babe, neither can I.’ [...] But you don’t hear that from guys! They’re usually like, ‘It’s OK, baby.’ And he was like, ‘I can’t either!’”

Luckily, Priyanka has a net worth of approximately $28 million, and Nick Jonas has a net worth of approximately $25 million, so I'm pretty sure they can afford to order takeout, or better yet, hire professional chefs to prepare all their meals in their swanky $6.5 million Beverly Hills home. In fact, they're so rich, they could probably afford to hire Rachel Ray to prepare the food while Gordon Ramsay berates her and Seans Evans feeds them both increasingly hot chicken wings - at least, that's what I'd do with my money.

After Chopra's confession, Hostin reminded the actress and activist, "[Nick] married a woman with a brilliant mind." Well, if that mind is so brilliant, why can't you follow directions in a cookbook, Chopra? Oooohhh! You just got burned, one of Forbes magazine's Most Powerful Women In The World! Now please, you and Nick, join the next season of a Gordon Ramsay cooking show.