Rebel Wilson and James Corden hilariously poke fun at 'Cats' on Oscars stage

Rebel Wilson and James Corden hilariously poke fun at 'Cats' on Oscars stage

When the trailer for the film adaptation for Cats was released this past summer, the response was far from positive.

Viewers were baffled by everything from the appearance of the cast who were ''creepily'' made to resemble felines through the use of CGI to the choice of actors in Tom Hooper's latest flick.

Watch the trailer for Cats here:

Plus the movie was panned by the critics, with some even giving the movie zero-star reviews. Ouch!

In fact, one critic from The Telegraph who gave Cats zero stars, wrote: "Once seen, the only realistic way to fix Cats would be to spay it, or simply pretend it never happened. Because it's an all-time disaster - a rare and star-spangled calamity which will leave jaws littered across floors and agents unemployed."

But rather than be defeated by the film's poor reception, some of the stars poked fun at their movie at last night's Oscars.

Yep, Rebel Wilson and her Cats costar James Corden presented the award for Best Visual Effects at the ceremony:

Dressed as their characters from the musical, the pair spoke in a tone of clear irony about "the importance of good visual effects."

In reality, the visual effects in Cats received so much criticism that it was re-edited with the hope of improving the special effects, while it was still being screened in movie theaters.

In any case, viewers loved Rebel and James' amusing skit, taking to Twitter to share their thoughts.

One viewer wrote: "Imagine: you work hard, you develop your craft, you put all of your time and effort into your job and then you receive the highest honor, you win an Oscar... and you have to receive it from a human dressed up to look like a cat #Oscars"

Another agreed: "Imagine working years to earn your Oscar, only to get it handed to you by Rebel Wilson and James Corden dressed as cats #Oscars2020"

A third wrote: "Imagine dedicating your whole life to film and then you finally win an Oscar and you’re presented it by two idiots dressed as f***ing cats."