Renée Zellweger confuses viewers with her real accent during Golden Globes

Renée Zellweger confuses viewers with her real accent during Golden Globes

Last night's 77th annual Golden Globes had several moments that left viewers scratching their heads and searching Twitter for answers.

For example, why didn't Beyoncé stand up when literally everybody else in the room was giving Joaquin Phoenix a standing ovation for winning Best Actor in a Film (Drama)?

Check out that painfully awkward moment below - many viewers branded the singer 'rude':

But another moment that left people baffled came moments after Renée Zellweger was announced as the winner of the Best Actress in a Film (Drama) award for her role in Judy.

As you can expect, the beloved actress took to the stage in order to thank her nearest and dearest - but what followed left many viewers very confused. And it had nothing to do with anything the 50-year-old star was saying, but more how she was saying it.

Check out Zellweger's speech below - did you know she sounded like this in real life?

During her speech, the Judy star said:

"Wow, I really am up here. Well, hi everybody, it’s nice to see you. Y’all look pretty good 17 years later. Thank you to the [Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the Globes’ organizing body] for inviting me back to the family reunion, especially with all these extraordinary ladies this year."

But throughout her speech, Zellweger's accent appeared to fade in and out of a Southern twang - and viewers were quick to pick up on it:

Twitter user @dawnmfin asked: "Has Renee Zellweger always had a southern accent? And did the accent kind of dissolve as her @goldenglobes speech went on?"

And Twitter user Anji Raitt added: "Did I just hear Renee Zellweger go from thick southern drawl to her normal voice then back to medium southern drawl?!?!"

Meanwhile, other viewers just couldn't get over how baffling the entire speech was from start to finish: