Rihanna has completely changed her hairstyle and fans are freaking out

Rihanna has completely changed her hairstyle and fans are freaking out

Everybody loves Rihanna, the Barbadian pop goddess who shines bright like a diamond. At a recent live performance, even Kanye West couldn't keep his eyes off her. Kim Kardashian was filming the gig on her smartphone and busted him gawking at RiRi with a dreamy smile. The footage went viral, but I'm sure Kim wasn't fourfiveseconds from wildin.' She understands the pop icon commands everyone's attention like a living lunar eclipse.

At 30 years old, Rihanna has accomplished a lot: nine Grammy Awards, four platinum albums, an acting career, a makeup line, a clothing line, a perfume and a lot of philanthropy. She's done charity work for terminally ill children, Hurricane Sandy victims, those living with HIV/AIDS, and created a foundation that benefits impoverished communities around the world. In 2017, she was named "Humanitarian of the Year" by Harvard University. I guess it all comes to down to her motto: Work, work, work, work, work, work.

People admire Rihanna for her music and personality, as well as her flair for style. At the Met Gala, a fashion extravaganza, she steals the show every year. For example, this year RiRi dressed as the Pope, and somehow still looked incredible. Instead of pulling up in a lemon, she pulled up in a Popemobile, rocking a regal overcoat and matching mitre-style hat. And that's just one of her memorable outfits.

We're used to seeing Rihanna with long, wavy hair, like in her recent makeup tutorial for Vogue. But now the pop star has totally changed her hairstyle, trading those long locks for a cute short black bob. On Wednesday, she showcased her new look in a Boomerang video on Instagram Stories. She's also wearing some pretty sweet purple sunglasses with a Candy Apple red bra. When you wear that outfit, everyone with you gets wild thoughts.

The bob is a soft, tapered, effortless side sweep perfect for summer. If you want to beat the heat, getting a short haircut can help. Or you could carry an umbrella, ella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh to block the sun. But maybe going bob is the beauty transformation you need.

Remember, you don't have to rush into a drastic haircut. You can always cut more off, but once it falls on the salon floor, there's no turning back. Recently Rihanna appeared at the Louis Vuitton Paris Fashion Week Menswear Show rocking a shoulder length bob.So, Like RiRi, you can ease your way into it. If you get this trendy style, more people might make you feel like you're the only girl in the world.

Fans freaked out over Rihanna's new look and thanked her for the summer inspo. Without that annoying sweaty neck and tangled birds' nest, you'll feel ready to run this town night. And yes, I know quoting all of these lyrics from Rihanna songs might be bad. But I'm perfectly good at it.