Rob Gronkowski's model girlfriend responds to cruel messages from trolls

Rob Gronkowski's model girlfriend responds to cruel messages from trolls

When looking at the lives of the rich and famous, it's often easy to assume that they have absolutely nothing to worry about. They have fancy homes, take luxurious holidays, enjoy the finest foods; basically, life is a cake walk.

However, they do have to suffer at least one bad thing that the rest of us mere mortals do not; namely, that they are almost constantly in the public eye. A reasonable trade-off, some of us might think; but, for others, having the freedom to do and say what you want without criticism is priceless.

Seriously, if you saw some of the comments that model Camille Kostek endures sometimes, you might think twice before idolising the celebrity lifestyle.

The 27-year-old, who is currently dating NFL Tight End for the New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski, posted the above picture to Instagram recently, only to be met with a barrage of hateful comments.

Some commenters called her "gross", others told her she should "cover up", and one person even said, "you have the largest hip bones I have ever seen."

"That's not a flattering suit on your body," wrote @nonnacorrigan.

"[Your] body isn't model type," said @macard73. "My opinion. Gronk is giving you his fame."

And even those who weren't sending her hate seemed to think that she deserved it simply because she used the social media platform.

"Ok. but when you post / show/ flaunt/ present/offer up a picture of your nearly naked body to essentially 'the world' you are inviting praise, criticism and indifference," said @tmsiguy. "You're basically saying 'so what do y'!all think huh?' If you're seeking compliments, you've got'em. Ignore what you will. But think about what you are doing before you get all offended and such."

But Kostek didn't ignore them. Instead, she called people out on her Insta story.

camille Kostek instagram abuse Credit: Instagram stories

And she called out people from the comments sections of other websites, too.

camille Kostek instagram abuse Credit: Instagram stories

"I can’t begin to explain how many rude comments I got after I posted this photo about my body. But for the women who I was able to help love who they are more from it, I post without hesitation for myself and for YOU," she wrote. "I’ve been sitting on this for a few days, deciding if I was going to share this, and I decided that I’m going to share a little bit of the things that I had seen."

She then went on to share a video of herself crying over some of the hatred, saying, "I was having a weak moment and allowed some of these comments get to me that night."

But she acknowledged that it was best not to pay the haters any mind.

"I'm also able to look at that and see myself in so much pain and realize that that was just a small moment in time — and by people I don't give a f**k about," she said. "It helps me grow. It helps me have thicker skin, helps remind me what’s important in life, who’s important in life. I'm just coming on here and sharing my just from one time because we are our own biggest critics."

Since sharing her experience, her Instagram has been flooded with positive comments from people who saw the damage that was done by hateful trolls - which is wonderful, of course, but the hatred should never have happened in the first place.