Ryan Reynolds quite literally smashed the bottle cap challenge

Ryan Reynolds quite literally smashed the bottle cap challenge

In the slew of social media trends, this one takes the cake. We've all seen the cinnamon challenge and the trend where people get out of their cars and dance in the middle of busy highways to that one Drake song. Though these were successfully splattered all over the internet, the newest challenge boasts the likes of Jason Statham, John Mayer, Conor McGregor, and now, Ryan Reynolds. Or not, depending on your criteria.

Because, objectively, he failed the challenge, which includes someone coming out of a spinning kick to knock the lid off of a bottle. Ryan Reynolds, who is known for his light-hearted sarcasm online, tweeted a video of him taking on the challenge.

Though the video builds dramatically, it has a devastating end. Ryan Reynolds, the owner of Aviation Gin, uses the viral trend to advertise for his brand. The video starts as though it is an advertisement. Dramatic music plays as an Aviation Gin glass bottle travels through a montage of scenes: walking down a sidewalk, watching fireworks, laying in a field, peering at the sunset. After its adventures, the bottle ends up at Ryan Reynolds' door. Sound like the perfect day, right?

But as the actor goes to kick off the lid, as his predecessors have so successfully done, he misses completely, hitting the neck of the bottle instead. After it shatters on the ground, Ryan Reynolds bolts out the door.

The Twitter post's caption tags the gin brand and reads: #BottleCapChallenge #Glass. And fans loved it. Comments include: "Reynolds, you are a hoot," "this guy is never serious, "and "the ads are just getting better and better."

Reynolds is, in fact, known for his funny advertisements. From writing a viral fake Amazon review for his gin to witty video commercials featuring Hugh Jackman, this guy never turns off. I, for one, am going out to buy a bottle of Aviation Gin straight away. Nice job, Reynolds, you've truly won me over. Down the hatch!