Singer Forced To Stop Show After Furious Headbanging Session

Singer Forced To Stop Show After Furious Headbanging Session

A Brazilian singer was forced to stop mid-performance after losing her balance and falling backwards onto the stage during a vigorous head-banging session.

41-year-old Gaby Amarantos saw stars after fiercely shaking her head to the music in front of an animated crowd at the Lambateria festival in Pará, Brazil.

Amarantos, who sings ''technobrega'' - a form of music which hails from North Brazil - shared the footage of her fall to Instagram.

Watch the first clip of the incident below:

The video shows the pop-star wearing a purple bodysuit and waving her ponytail around as she stamps her feet. She then proceeds to stumble backwards, hitting her head on the DJ's table as she falls.

While people rush to help her, Amarantos quickly gets back up on her feet and finishes the song, before going to hospital.

Watch the incident unfold in this second clip...

The 41-year-old later shared that she had suffered a head wound that required stitches, but was now back at home. "Darlings, I've been discharged from hospital and am now back home," she captioned the post, which featured three videos of the incident, and two pictures. "The vibe of the festival was so great I decided to keep singing till the end."

"Even with a bust head I performed one of the most beautiful shows of my career with the crowd raving and singing. It was madness. I didn't realise how serious it was at first. I had several stitches," she continued.

Watch the singer perform below:

Naturally, Amarantos' fans were concerned after the fall. "I've never seen anyone get up so quickly after such an impact,'' commented one fan, while another corroborated ''I'm so glad you're okay. I was really worried.''

Well, this certainly takes ''the show must go on'' to the next level...