Sophie Turner reveals the real reason she was crying in public with Joe Jonas, and it's super-relatable

Sophie Turner reveals the real reason she was crying in public with Joe Jonas, and it's super-relatable

We all have bad days.

Whether for some major, life-changing reason or merely for a series of small, upsetting events that conspire to ruin an otherwise perfectly normal 24 hours, things inevitably get us down.

Of course, this is hard enough when one isn't in the incessant glare of the public eye, with their every move scrutinized and over-analysed by fans and media gossip columns alike.

For the rich and famous though, despite all the seemingly glitzy trappings of their lives, this is the reality. If you happen to be having something of a meltdown, or a funny five minutes, then the chances are that someone, somewhere will notice, and before you know it, everyone is playing amateur detectives trying to figure out exactly what is going on.

This is precisely what happened to Sophie Turner, star of stage and screen - most notably Game of Thrones - recently, when a paparazzi picture of her seeming upset while out and about in New York city with her beau Joe Jonas emerged online.

For his own part, Joe Jonas could be seen appearing to comfort Turner.

This, naturally, set the rumour mill into overdrive, as people speculated as to what was wrong with the happy couple, but thankfully, Sophie Turner didn't leave fans guessing for too long, as she took to Twitter to reveal the super-relatable reason she was feeling a little less than her best at the time.

When one fan had the temerity to question Turner's perfectly valid, and admirably honest explanation, she responded with typical aplomb;

Her candour has inspired a series of fans to relay their own experiences of period cramps in turn;

Another fan expressed their admiration over how fierce Turner was looking at the same time:

The tweet has garnered thousands of likes and retweets since it was first posted on Thursday, and her candour on the subject has certainly appeared to have a positive effect on her legions of adoring fans.

While some seem to feel that it is their business to know every minuscule detail about their favourite celebrities, it's important to remember that everyone's privacy - a-listers included  deserves to be respected.