Susan Sarandon shares gruesome pics of her bruised face following concussion

Susan Sarandon shares gruesome pics of her bruised face following concussion

Actress and political activist Susan Sarandon posted two gruesome photos of her injured face following a concussion.

The 73-year-old was due to give a speech this weekend at a campaign event for Bernie Sanders but had no choice but to cancel as a result of the injuries she sustained from a "little slip".

"A little slip = concussion, fractured nose, banged up knee," Sarandon, who was a staunch Bernie supporter during the 2016 primary, wrote. "So, looks like I won’t be able to meet the folks in New Hampshire with Senator Sanders tomorrow."

This is the moment Susan Sarandon won Best Actress for 1995's Dead Man Walking:

In the lengthy caption, The Thelma & Louise actress expresses regret for missing out on the opportunity before including the speech she had hoped to give at the event:

"This is an emergency. Ask the scientists, the farmers, the creatures in the sea. Ask all those who have lost their homes from hurricanes, flood and fire, ask the endless stream of climate refugees, and the people of Flint, San Juan, and Standing Rock. This is a emergency.

"Ask the mothers who have lost their children to the opioid epidemic or because of the price of insulin. Ask the mothers who have lost their kids to gun violence in schools, in churches, in their bedrooms. This is an emergency.

She continued:

"Ask those separated from their families at the border, or those separated from their loved ones by an unjust, racist, for-profit prison system. This is an emergency when our young people have no hope for education, for dream-making, because of insurmountable student debt.

"When teachers are forced to have additional jobs and when 40 hours of honest labor can still leave you in poverty. When homophobia, Islamaphobia, transphobia and racism take lives, that is an emergency."

The actress' upcoming movies include Bad Moms' Moms, Butterfly in the Typewriter,  and Call Jane which are all currently in pre-production.