Taylor Swift roasts Ed Sheeran for struggling to keep up during a hike

Taylor Swift roasts Ed Sheeran for struggling to keep up during a hike

Sometimes you need a break from the gym. Let's face it - working out on the elliptical machine while staring at a tiny TV screen gets old. And sometimes other people are annoying. They hog the machine you want, or make way, way too much noise. At my gym, I've seen multiple people run on the treadmills while screaming. "UHHH!' "WOOO!" "YEAHHH!" Who does that? I keep praying for them to trip and fall, and maybe lose a few teeth, but the gods ignore me.

Well, one great replacement for the gym is to go for a hike. Instead of watching Seinfeld reruns, you can gaze at the scenery. The sun-kissed mountains, the breathtaking view of the city, a rattlesnake eating someone's tiny dog. Ah ,the beauty of nature. And if you bring a friend, even better. Conversations help pass the time. Plus, if your friend's out of shape, you can savagely roast them.

Recently Taylor Swift went on a hike with English singer and guy-who-ruined-Game-Of-Thrones, Ed Sheeran. After the forgotten Weasley brother opened for Taylor's 2013 Red Tour, they became friends. They collaborated on a few songs, like End Game and Everything Has Changed. But this hiking video might be their greatest collaboration yet.

On Instagram, Taylor shared a video of their hiking adventure, and Ed is clearly struggling with his cardio. "You okay, bro?" taunts Taylor. The Shape Of You singer responds by flicking her off. "It’s called exercise," Taylor teases. "Have you ever done cardio? Strumming a guitar doesn’t count." Ohhhh! Burn! Look what you made her do. Look what you just made her do. The old Taylor is dead, and the new Taylor is savage.

But Taylor and Ed aren't just hiking buddies; they're also competitors. Both singers are nominated for multiple American Music Awards, and will go head-to-head for Best Pop/Rock Album and Artist of the Year. If you're not familiar with the AMA's, they're like the Grammy's, except nobody cares. Seriously, there's an awards show like every week in LA. I can't wait until they start an awards show to honor all the year's best award shows: The Awardys.

In the Instagram video, Ed asks Taylor about their chances of winning. "Hey, uh, Taylor, the AMA nominations just came out. It’s me, you and Drake." Both singers say, "You’re gonna win," then Taylor decides that Drake will probably take home the prize. (Drake is also nominated for Best Pop/Rock Album and Artist Of The Year.) Fans can vote for their favorite artists on AMA's website. But remember, the Russians are very good at hacking American elections, so don't be surprised if Vladimir Putin wins every category.

See how much fun you can have when you go for a hike? If you go to the gym, and try roasting the person on the treadmill next to you, you might get punched in the face.