Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Gigi Hadid dressed as their childhood heroes for New Year's Eve

Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Gigi Hadid dressed as their childhood heroes for New Year's Eve

Whether you're part of their fanbase or not, it's easy to become familiar with some celebrities and associate them with the other big names they work with. But the pairings that spring up behind the scenes can be more than a little surprising sometimes - like how Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift are friends with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively.

They're close enough that there's actually a Reynolds-Lively family appearance on one of Swift's songs. The couple's eldest daughter James lent her vocal talents at just two years old, with her voice sampled at the start of the song 'Gorgeous'. Back in July, Swift played a few shows in Massachusetts, including a performance at Gillette Stadium where Reynolds and Lively were seen watching.

It was there that they heard their daughter speaking at the introduction of the track, and their reaction was caught on camera by some fans nearby:

Reynolds later talked to George Stephanopoulos about the song on Good Morning America, where he joked that his daughter "has a really, really terrible ego problem" since the song was released. "Yeah she's in a Taylor Swift song," Ryan said. "I don't know if she knows she's in a Taylor Swift song. A little intro there, yeah, um… That was a voice memo that ended up on a song."

The couple have been spotted alongside Gigi Hadid at a few of these concerts, but it's rare that they they post photos of each other online, instead of being caught in public by eagle-eyed fans. However, for this New Year's Eve all three of them headed to Swift's fancy dress party, and it looked like the best way to say goodbye to 2018.

Credit: Instagram / @taylorswift

The theme for this fancy dress event was childhood heroes, and they came out in full force. A selection of photos from the party were shared on Swift's Instagram, which she captioned:

"Mary Poppins, Audrey, Ariel, Ms. Frizzle, Cinderella, Gwen, Mr. Toad, Avril, Nancy Drew, Posh Spice, Rizzo, Frida Kahlo, Steve Irwin, Dorothy.. This new year we decided to dress up as our childhood heroes. Sending you all love and hope going into 2019 💗"

Swift was there as her childhood hero, Ariel from the Disney classic The Little Mermaid.

Credit: Instagram / @taylorswift

Gigi Hadid came as everyone's favourite nanny, Mary Poppins, while Ryan Reynolds came as... well, he might have just skipped out on the fancy dress aspect, it's hard to tell.

Credit: Instagram / @taylorswift


Blake Lively was in full garb as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz - even going as far as to come with Toto in a basket to complete the look. Reynolds and Swift were seeing drinking Aviation Gin - a company that Reynolds invests in - alongside all sorts of food, including pizza, crudités and dips, cookies, and a cheeseboard.

Naturally, their fans were pretty jealous:

Now, we've just got to figure out who Reynolds was dressing up as...