These are the extreme lengths Tom Hardy is going to in a bid to escape his stalker

These are the extreme lengths Tom Hardy is going to in a bid to escape his stalker

When actors get famous, it must feel gratifying to meet fans. That's why they make art, right? So it can been be seen, and people experience an emotion, be it happy or sad. And as an added bonus, if a fan recognizes them in a bar, they might get a free beer out of it.

But with fans, come stans, which must be annoying. In the classic rap song Stan, Eminem tells a a story about an obsessive fan who gets mad when Slim Shady doesn't respond to his letters. The term became so popular that Oxford English Dictionary officially included it in 2017. A stan is defined as "an overzealous or obsessive fan of a particular celebrity." Sometimes fans turns into stalkers, developing an unhealthy fixation with a star.

Actor Tom Hardy is a chameleon. He played the Bat-breaking villain Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, the double-crossing trapper Pete Fitzgerald in The Revenant, and the unflappable Spitfire pilot Farrier in Dunkirk. Soon he'll be seen playing superhuman antihero Venom and a bloated, balding, middle-aged Al Capone. Who knows what character he'll play next? He's the Shang Tsung of acting.

After starring in blockbuster franchises like Mad Max: Fury Road - yeah, he was in that, too! - Tom's gained a lot of fans. And one bonafide staker. The Daily Mail reports that Tom has been targeted "by a woman with an unhealthy obsession." The situation is so bad that Tom is going to extreme lengths to escape - like moving from metropolitan London to remote Devon.

Tom is dating Peaky Blinders co-star Charlotte Riley. The pair lives in a £3.5 million London home, and are currently expecting their second child. But instead of celebrating this good news, they've been distressed by the stalker. "Tom is tired of the glitzy life in London and Hollywood at the moment," a source told TDM. "He wants to find a farmhouse where he can keep dogs and horses."

It must be exhausting to weather constant requests from fans. When people meet actors, they want selfies, autographs and for them to record a hilarious voicemail greeting. The details are slim on how this anonymous woman has been harassing Tom. But if he's considering dropping London for the boondocks, it must be pretty bad.

The source claimed that Tom's lawyers have the situation "in hand," and hopefully that's true. Stalkers are scary. Recently a Rihanna stalker broke into her home and stayed for twelve thoughts 12 hours. It's safe to say he a lot of wild thoughts.

But the couple doesn't want to move, Tom he could just transform into a "character" every time he goes out in public. Just think, he could dress up as the MMA fighter from Warrior, or reprise his 90's rap persona, Tommy No. 1. (In the 90's, Tom Hardy dropped a fire mixtape called Falling On Your Arse, and no that is not a joke.)