This is the adorable thing George and Amal Clooney's twins do when they taste food they like

This is the adorable thing George and Amal Clooney's twins do when they taste food they like

Although having one of your own is decidedly not what it's cracked up to be, we all love watching children on the internet. Hold on, I should clarify before the FBI show up at my doorstep; we love watching children being precocious, curious and - let's be honest - kind of stupid, but most of all, we love watching them be adorable.

That idea's only magnified when it comes to celebrity kids.

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The second that the Kardashian kids figure out Instagram and start taking adorable selfies with one another, board up the windows and stock up on supplies - people will soon riot in the streets. So it's a little bit of a surprise that George Clooney's managed to keep his kids out of the spotlight for so long.

Happy and loved up with his wife Amal, George Clooney's the highest-paid actor of 2018 so far without starring in a single film, thanks to his tequila company Casamigos getting purchased for a cool billion dollars. No small amount of those earnings will go towards his beloved children, Alexander and Ella.

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They're bound to eat pretty well, you'd think. Every night when the Clooneys come to the dinner table, they're greeted with heaped plates of salmon, tomato risotto or pizza. If they're lucky, a few raspberries with some ricotta for dessert. This is all whipped up for them by Viviana Frizzi, George Clooney's personal chef.

"Vivi cooks almost every night for us now because we have the twins," explained George to People, referring to Viviana (Vivi for short). "Besides all of our friends would rather eat her food than hit up a local restaurant in Como or in London." High praise indeed, and it's fair to say that there are a few dishes that the Clooney kids particularly love.

Kids can be picky, but not Alexander and Ella. "The twins are not fussy eaters," confirmed George, but how does the former ER star Clooney know if Vivi's onto a winner with the kids? Simple, really. "When they like a dish, they put their little fingers on their cheeks, smile and say, Mmm!"

Oh gosh, that's too adorable! Despite the wildly popular dinner menus on display, George and Amal Clooney are probably going to steer clear of trying to pick up a few tips and tricks off Vivi while she cooks for them. With the power couple so darned busy, that's one thing, but you also have to remember that George Clooney's a "poor chef".

His words, not mine. "Honestly, Amal and I are such poor chefs that any lesson from Vivi in the kitchen would be like teaching a whale to fly," revealed George, adding that his personal chef is such a "a remarkable person in and out of the kitchen" that learning to cook isn't really too necessary.

And with the twins satisfied too, I'm sure that George Clooney is planning on keeping Viviana around for a long time yet.